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Energize your lifestyle

Shimano e-Bike Systems

The e-bike system for CITY, MTB and TREKKING

Put a premium on healthy living

Put a premium on healthy living, get outdoors and rediscover the breath of nature within you. Whichever road you take – our e-bike systems will support you on your journey.


The high-end e-bike system

SHIMANO STEPS is our high-end e-bike component brand. We develop and produce a wide range of e-bike systems in our production facilities across the world. Over 160 bicycle brands are equipped with our powerful mid-motors, long-range batteries and cycling computers. So, whether you’re an adventurous mountain biker or urban commuter, there is always a bicycle brand that suits you

Which e-bike is best for you?

Find your ideal SHIMANO STEPS e-bike now

  • Choose your SHIMANO STEPS system
    Short or long distance, smooth or rough terrain? There’s a SHIMANO STEPS system for you. Discover which one fits you best.
  • Mix & Match
    The SHIMANO STEPS e-bike systems can be easily configured to suit your needs. Ask your dealer about the possibilities. 
  • Choose your bike brand
    The SHIMANO STEPS e-bike system is pre-installed on a wide variety of brands and models. Check out the brands you can choose from. 
Find your e-bike system

Made to last

Smooth, strong and sustainable

Say hello to reduced drivetrain wear and tear. Thanks to SHIMANO DEORE XT and DEORE with LINKGLIDE technology, you can enjoy high-mileage, low-maintenance cycling for years to come – without worrying about having to replace or repair components.

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Made for electric

Say hello to our new dedicated e-bike system for cargo bikes.

More than just machinery, our E-Cargo system offers genuine peace of mind when it comes to transporting kids, dogs and other precious loads. 

Plus you can depend on high-quality durable parts to keep your busy life running smoothly – and keep you smiling through. 

Isn’t it time to upgrade your urban life? 

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Change your ride. Change your world.


SHIMANO STEPS E6100 e-bike system puts the power in the pedal so you can focus on the journey. It gives you a boost when you need it most. And won’t let you down if you take the long way home. Want to know how you can make the switch? 

Let’s go

Go further while saving energy

A proven match

Shimano is to cycling what sound is to music. Who better to power your e-bike?

The natural choice

Shimano is a trusted partner of bike manufacturers all over the world. It’s the natural choice for your e-bike.

Perfect harmony

Like all Shimano groupsets, the SHIMANO STEPS system works in perfect harmony with Shimano bike components

There is always a SHIMANO STEPS dealer near you

Find your dealer

Built on cycling history

Carefully crafted over a century

Shimano e-Bike Systems follow a long line of Shimano innovations. These cycling industry game-changers date back to 1921, the year we introduced our freewheel. Want to learn all about our other interesting key inventions that influence today’s e-Bike Systems?

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