More Power + Complete Control = Zero Excuses

Take on the steepest climbs and toughest trails in full confidence with 85Nm increased maximum torque. Tackle the ascent with eyes firmly focused on the top. Drop into the descent with certainty. Enjoy the ride. We know power is nothing without control. EP8 delivers smooth, direct power to ensure you’re always in complete control while experiencing a natural ride feeling.

Smoother Pedaling

We believe all riders should feel in complete control in the saddle. This belief, combined with our rider-first design approach, means we have raised the benchmark yet again to reduce drag by a further 36%. An improved clutch mechanism results in a more responsive ride, allowing for a smoother cut-off when pedaling above 25km/h. EP8 delivers smooth pedaling and no surprises.


When it comes to optimal performance off-road, you want a light, agile and nimble ride. At 2.6kg, the EP8 weighs 300 grams less than predecessor drive units. It is truly one of the lightest drive units available and delivers best-in-class power for its weight.

Compact & Powerful

Don’t let size or looks deceive you. This sleek, slender and slim drive unit packs enough power to get you to the top of your next epic descent. A more compact, integrated drive unit also allows for increased ground clearance for when the trail turns technical.


Despite its power, the EP8 operates with little noise so you can still enjoy the natural sounds of the trails without distraction.

Looking After Your Ride

As sure as wheels turn, your bike will need fine-tuning from time to time. More miles and fun riding your EP8- equipped bike means wear out parts will need replacing. Whether riding local trails or hitting unexplored areas around Europe, you’re never too far from a Shimano service center or partner to help look after your bike.

Handle the Heat

Thanks to smart heat-conducting magnesium materials and a completely re-designed motor housing, EP8 can handle rising temperatures on climbs meaning you get maximum torque for longer. This is also helped further by a larger moulded-in surface area to improve heat exchange.

Greater Battery Capacity

We’re proud to say our batteries are renowned for keeping you out on the trails and riding further. We’ve expanded our battery line-up with 630Wh internal and external batteries for even more capacity and longer rides. After 1000 full charge cycles, the batteries powering EP8 will still hold 60% max capacity, leaving you to maximize trail time all over again. They may even outlive the bike depending on how often and hard you ride. This means you can keep lapping your favorite singletrack sections during the longest days and focus on the next switchback, not the battery indicator.