LINKGLIDE technology

How much more durable is a drivetrain with LINKGLIDE technology?

Test data shows that LINKGLIDE is 3 times more durable than HYPERGLIDE on 11T, 13T & 15T sprockets

Will the LINKGLIDE drivetrain system prolong the life of my chain?

The lifespan of bicycle chains varies depending on a variety of factors. However, if you shift gears regularly, the LINKGLIDE drivetrain system will prolong the life of your chain – and the damage by outward shifting will be decreased. Wear-out caused by continuously driving in the same gear without shifting, however, is comparable to the HYPERGLIDE drivetrain system.

Which chains are compatible with LINKGLIDE?

The new CN-LG500 – plus all current 11-speed HYPERGLIDE chains: CN-E8000-11, CN-HG901-11, HG701-11 and HG601-11.

How can I upgrade my current bike to SHIMANO DEORE XT or SHIMANO DEORE with LINKGLIDE?

DEORE XT and DEORE with LINKGLIDE technology are not compatible with other SHIMANO drivetrains. You’ll have to upgrade to the complete LINKGLIDE drivetrain system: cassette, rear derailleur, shift lever and (optional) chain. Each component is marked with a LINKGLIDE logo. If you need help, get support from your closest Shimano dealer or Shimano Service Center.