Battery – general

Can I upgrade battery from 418Wh to 504Wh?
Yes, you can.

Can I lock the battery?
Yes. There is a keylock included which you can use to lock and unlock the battery on the bike.

Battery range

Battery range of SHIMANO STEPS equipped bikes?
When you ride a city e-bike with SHIMANO STEPS, you can reach up to 150 KM on one full charge. With the SHIMANO STEPS E8000, the range tops out at 100 KM. Keep in mind, though, that variables such as terrain (hilly/mountainous) or weather (strong winds) can significantly affect this distance.

Long-term battery storage?

  • Store in a cool, indoor location with stable temperature between approximately 10 to 20°C
  • No direct exposure to sunlight or rain
  • Charge battery to around 70% before storing
  • Every six months, charge battery back up to around 70% 
  • Before using battery again, charge it completely

Battery capacity

What is the battery capacity?
SHIMANO STEPS offers two battery options: 418 Wh and 504 Wh

How fast will battery capacity decrease?
As with every modern battery, capacity will decrease due to charging. Shimano guarantees a remaining battery capacity of 60% after 1000 charge cycles. Your dealer can determine the remaining battery capacity for you.

Charging battery

Do I need to discharge the battery completely before recharging to expand battery life?
No, as this will not affect battery life. Simply charge your battery any time you feel you need it.

How long does it take to charge the battery?
For a 504 Wh battery, using a 4A charger, it will take 2.5 hours to charge your battery up to 80%. For a complete charge, it takes 5 hours. 

Running on empty battery

My STEPS battery is empty. Do I need to charge it right away?
You need to charge it back up to 70% if you plan to directly store your bike for six months or more. Otherwise, if you plan to use your bike in the very near future, simply charge the battery before your next ride.

Can I still pedal if the battery is empty?
Yes, but you won’t have any support. As e-bikes are heavier than normal bikes, it’s best to avoid these situations. If you are using Di2, you can still shift gears for a while as this uses less energy.

Will the display still work if the battery is empty?
Yes. When riding with an empty battery, the ride-assist will stop but there will always be some extra ‘bring me home’ energy to run the display as well as bike lights and Di2 shifting (if installed).  

Does pedaling recharge the battery?
No. Pedaling the bike does not recharge the battery.