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BH Xtep Carbon with SHIMANO EP8

Everything is new. The BH Xtep Carbon with EP8 opens up a new world of possibilities for e-MTBs. Its key features - performance, a genuine MTB feel and high battery capacity - have been enhanced in this new version. You just have to look at the BH Xtep Carbon to see that everything on it is new. Its philosophy has not changed, but its design has. It is still an e-MTB that pushes the range limits of a high-performance electric bicycle and, above all, makes you feel like you're riding a genuine MTB on the ground.

A higher level of stiffness and a stunning weight

The frame of a high-performance e-MTB is subjected to a far higher level of stress than traditional bikes and the new BH Xtep Carbon has been further developed to offset the additional forces that it has to withstand. The new shape, more similar to a traditional bike and giving it its own design style, has also made it possible to achieve a higher level of stiffness. The rear part is 36% stiffer thanks to the oversized design of the Split Pivot suspension's main pivot. This means greater precision when riding on rough terrain and taking bends, as well as fully utilising the power of the biker and drive unit to move forward. The cross section of the down tube, which houses the battery inside, is smaller than ever before.

Its frame, made entirely from high modulus carbon fiber, uses the same manufacturing techniques as BH's other traditional bikes and, like many of them, it is exceptionally lightweight. The frame of the BH Xtep Carbon weighs just 2,200 grams.

Full integration

It features countless small details. Thanks to the new internal cable routing that enters via the stem, the frame has no holes and has a cleaner design than ever before. It features fully integrated drive unit and chainstay guards and space has been made on the down tube for a bottle cage. Also fully integrated is the new saddle clamp system that is now hidden from view and forms part of the shape of the frame. The suspension's pivot points are fully concealed in the new design, helping to give it its clean, stylish look.


Split Pivot and the geometry of a genuine MTB

The rear suspension relies on the Split Pivot system. Its effectiveness and the fact that it operates separately from pedalling and braking are especially useful in a high-performance e-MTB like the BH Xtep Carbon. The range has versions with a rear travel of 160 mm or 140 mm.

Many products launched by BH include modern geometries with lots of ground-breaking features and the Xtep Carbon is no different. It has gone an extra step to offer the same riding feel as our enduro models. In this latest version we have produced extremely short chainstays (465 mm) for greater agility and faster response times and we have relaxed the steering angle, setting it at 65º or 65.5º depending on travel.


The new Shimano EP8 drive unit, the perfect complement

The pedalling feel offered by the new Shimano EP8 is closer to a real MTB feeling. This drive unit fits perfectly with the philosophy of the BH Xtep Carbon. More lightweight, more compact, more powerful (up to 85 Nm), quieter and with its usual smooth and natural power delivery.

It is equipped with a specific 720 Wh battery that is fully integrated with the curved shape of the down tube. It can be charged when it´s inside the bike or even separately, taking it out from the frame by using the Smart Key Bracelet keyless security system.


More colours, customisation with BH Unique

In line with BH's other models for 2021, the finish of the Xtep Carbon comes in 5 different colours as standard. However, for many people, the biggest plus in terms of the look of the bike will be the option to fully customise its appearance by using the BH Unique programme.

The BH Xtep Carbon range comes in 4 sizes (S, M, L and XL), with 5 mount options and with prices starting from €6,999.