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Extending customisation options to get even more out of your SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB

SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB systems add Eco customisation for next level versatility – ideal for riders who love to go that extra mile.

With the SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB (E7000, E8000) systems, it is now possible to customise the Eco setting. This means that all three power-assist settings (Boost, Trail, Eco) are now fully adjustable for that ultimate riding experience. Go ahead and choose between high, medium or low for each setting to perfectly match your specific needs for each adventure. It’ll give you that next level personalisation where you’ll swear the bike is an extension of your body. 

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Eco settings

The Eco setting options offer you an increased ability to extend your riding range: 

  • Eco – High (current default setting): offers more than sufficient support for the less extreme rider or for those carrying additional weight 
  • Eco – Medium: balanced range and power output for a natural riding experience
  • Eco – Low: maximum range while still providing useful support

When choosing your Eco level, do keep in mind that variables such as terrain (hilly/mountainous) or weather (strong winds) can significantly affect the range as well as the setting you may want to choose for a particular ride. 

More options

SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB systems offer three modes to choose from. Using on-the-trail Bluetooth firmware, you can easily adjust your drive unit’s mode as well as power-assist levels on the fly.

Dynamic Mode

Dynamic mode is the ‘factory default’ mode, with Boost level set to high, Trail on low and Eco on high. Its high Boost gives you max support to tame vertically-challenging terrain. Its low Trail offers intense control through the tricky bits while offering full support when you push hard. High Eco delivers the optimal balance of extending your range while remaining responsive and fun.

Explorer Mode

Explorer mode has both Boost and Trail set on medium. You’ll feel that you ride faster than your normal pace, but with improved technical control. Eco is set on high to cover you on all terrains while you hit those unexplored trails.

Custom mode

Custom mode lets you hand-pick Boost, Trail and Eco support levels to match your unique riding style and intended terrain. For instance, riding to work on a rainy day through a relatively flat forest with backpack in tow? Then opt for low Boost for minimal support, low Trail for increased traction, and high Eco to offset the additional weight of your baggage.

Custom mode also comes in handy when riding with your buddies. Simply adjust your settings accordingly to even the playing field.

How to get started

The firmware update that allows Eco level adjustment is currently available for PCs. By mid-June, it will also be available for tablets and smartphones.

To install this firmware update (Ver. 3.4.3), simply visit our E-Tube project site and follow the instructions.