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Merida eONE-SIXTY with Shimano EP8

The award-winning eONE-SIXTY returns for 2021 powered by our revolutionary EP8 e-bike system

Merida’s eONE-SIXTY e-MTB has picked up something of a reputation for winning awards. From its 1st-generation launch in 2016, it has won an impressive number of industry prizes and triumphed in numerous tests. And now it’s back, bigger and better for 2021 thanks to our EP8 e-bike system.

The addition of our EP8 means you can take the eONE-SIXTY on the trails for even longer. The 630Wh internal battery increases both range and power, so you can stay out riding while utilizing the electronic motor’s boost to assist you up the steepest of climbs.

The eONE-SIXTY has been redesigned with new perfectly tuned geometry for a faster, more relaxed ride. It features a stiff and lightweight frame that seamlessly contains the battery in the downtube and is primed to tackle anything the trails can throw at it.Once we had all calmed ourselves from the initial high of riding all-time trails with supernatural power, we took the time to really dial in the EP8 motor. The idea of opening an app, pairing our bikes and customising the settings didn’t scream fun in the same way as heading into the next section of trail did. However, it was five minutes of seriously well-invested time.

SHIMANO's E-Tube app is surprisingly simple to use for something that has such an impact on the way the way the EP8 motor works. Some riders ramped up to maximum power, fingers sliding across screens and the glint of evil genius creeping across their faces as they bestowed themselves superhero status! Those whose power-to-weight ratio told of plenty of kilometres clocked without electric assistance, knocked the feisty 85Nm back a peg or two to perfect a more progressive power curve and natural feel which still allowed for a proper workout on the climbs.

With customisation complete, we set off again.

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The addition of our EP8 means the eONE-SIXTY is neat, quiet, light and features less drag. This makes for a super-agile and responsive ride that’s assured to put a grin on your face, whether you’re sailing down flowy singletrack or whipping up technical, rooty ascents.

Despite being optimized for enduro riding, the eONE-SIXTY is a true ‘SUV’ due to the inclusion of a kick-stand mount and a front light that attaches to the Merida stem. The more casual geometry and extra travel reinforce the fact that this is not just a bike for enduro but simply a bike to take into the great outdoors and have plenty of fun.

















And if you don’t believe us, e-bike expert Rob Rides EMTB called it a superb e-bike that “could be the quietest e-bike motor on the market”. 


“It feels like a brilliantly active and playful ride. They made the bike even better with the brand new SHIMANO EP8 motor. More powerful, lighter and the new software update gives you up to 85Nm in trail mode so it’s almost like a fully automatic bike. There were times when it felt almost effortless to ride. A superb e-bike – with the updated motor, you’re getting a cutting-edge e-bike for 2020 and beyond.”