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Rise Beyond with Orbea’s e-MTB collaboration with SHIMANO

Lightweight e-MTBs are a relatively new category aimed at riders seeking manoeuvrable bikes they can spend all day riding. As well as sporty riders looking to push their limits, they are also the perfect option for those who aren’t wanting a conventional e-MTB with a powerful motor and heavy battery, which can sometimes take the fun away from the trails.



This is exactly what Orbea had in mind with the creation of the new RISE trail e-MTB.Orbea’s goal was to build an e-bike that was less ‘e’ and more ‘bike’. A bike that enhanced your ride, not dominated it. 

We collaborated with Orbea to configure our EP8 motor to work perfectly running their Rider Synergy (RS) firmware. Thanks to the EP8’s subtle yet powerful 60Nm torque (limited from the motor’s standard 85Nm to fit the RISE philosophy), riding the RISE feels completely natural – an extension and evolution of your body’s own engine.




The low weight of the RISE also makes it feel agile and sporty, and battery consumption is significantly reduced. And with RISE you can keep pedaling for longer as the bike is designed to take you further. The total ride time with the onboard battery and portable range extender is 8 hours and more than 4,000m of climbing in Eco mode.


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It’s time to reassess what you thought about e-MTBs. The RISE’s minimal weight, ramped-up power and increased range provides a fun and responsive trail experience rooted in natural MTB riding like no other e-bike.  

And it’s not just us who believes that - eMTB magazine had this to say about the RISE: 

“With the new Orbea RISE, the Spaniards deliver a well thought-out overall concept, blurring the thin line between the ‘Light e-MTB’ and ‘e-MTB allrounder’ segments. Downhill, the agile handling of the light RISE M-Team is a perfect match for sporty and aggressive trail riders. Despite the torque reduction, the bike doesn’t compromise on the uphill either and the optional range extender lets you embark on long rides with your buddies with ‘Bosch League’ bikes. If that wasn’t good enough, the many spec options and countless customisation options of the MyO configurator allow for an individualised customisation of your Rise.” 


Orbea Rise 2



Orbea Rise 7



Orbea Rise 8



Orbea Rise 12