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SHIMANO STEPS up for e-road and e-gravel bikes

SHIMANO STEPS now energizes e-road and e-gravel cyclists. Simply toggle between support modes right from your drop handlebar shifter.

E-road and e-gravel cyclists can rejoice as it is now possible to ride these bikes with SHIMANO STEPS. We also took it one giant step further by incorporating the support mode switch into our existing drop handlebar shifters. This means you’ll never have to take your hands off the bar to access the switch. And having full control of your bike at all times is certainly key at high speeds or over bumpy terrain.

How it works

We made this happen by creating firmware that can program one of the Di2 shift buttons built into your handlebar levers to act as power-assist level switch button. Not only does this create an extra level of safety while easily toggling between support modes, it also eliminates the need for a separate controller on the handlebar. What you win is a cleaner, neater look.

In addition to the firmware, we created a 47-tooth SHIMANO STEPS chainring that is designed specifically for use with e-road/e-gravel bikes. It is larger than the current SHIMANO STEPS MTB and trekking chainrings, so you can put more power down on the pedals to reach higher speeds.


Shift lever

Our new firmware makes it possible to incorporate this new technology into regular Shimano DURA-ACE or Ultegra Di2 levers on bikes that are SHIMANO STEPS equipped. You can find SHIMANO STEPS equipped bikes with these levers on dedicated e-road and e-gravel bikes that have been introduced by global bike manufacturers in the last 12 months.

In response to the growing popularity of the gravel scene, we took the firmware’s compatibility one step further. We made it possible to retrofit your e-MTB or flat bar city e-bike with Di2 lever-equipped drop handlebars, as long as the frame geometry and style of your current e-bike allows for it. 

Drive unit

This firmware is compatible with Shimano’s E6100, E7000 and E8000 drive units and works with downtube or integrated batteries as well as E6100, E7000 or E8000 displays. 

The DURA-ACE and Ultegra Di2 shifters in combination with SHIMANO STEPS drive units are compatible with Ultegra (R8050) and XT (M8050) derailleurs.

Mechanical shifting

If you choose to use SHIMANO STEPS mechanical shifting which lacks the Di2 shift button, it is still possible to ride with drop handlebars. You would simply use the display unit’s 3rd button to switch between power-assist levels.

More to come: Summer 2019

  • 160 mm crankset for SHIMANO STEPS e-bike systems: offers increased ground clearance for less chance of pedal strike through technical terrain or when pedalling through tight turns. It also caters nicely to shorter riders. Current lengths: 175 mm, 170 mm and 165 mm.
  • 12-speed e-bike components: MTB-specific 34 T, 36 T, 38 T chainrings with Dynamic Chain Engagement technology, 42 T chainring for e-trekking bikes.
  • SHIMANO STEPS 4-amp battery charger: the EC-8004 charger is compact and lightweight for those on the go. It charges twice as fast as the SHIMANO STEPS EC-E6002 charger. Charge from empty to 80% in 2 hours (full charge: 4.5 h).