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Commuting by bike – essentials to carry on every ride

If you are riding your e-bike to work there are a few useful bits of kit to carry with you. From a tube and pump in case of a puncture to wet wipes for the post ride clean-up we look at the things regular commuters carry with them.

Commuting by e-bike

E-bikes are in many ways brilliantly simple, with regular maintenance, care and battery charging there is very little to worry about. The few things that can go wrong on a ride are generally easy to fix yourself, so there is no need to worry about being stranded or arriving late to your destination.

We’ve pulled together a list of what you will find in the rucksack of every savvy e-bike commuter. It’s not a lot but enough to allow you to make a quick fix and get to work on time.

Spare tube and tyre levers

Who has time to wait for glue to dry? Patch kits, whilst economical, are tricky to use. You need to find the hole and use glue and a patch to fix it. The quickest way to fix a puncture is to put in a new tube, so always have a fresh one ready to use. With a new tube you can be on your way again within a few minutes.  Never changed a tube before? Ask for a demonstration next time you take your bike into a friendly SHIMANO SERVICE CENTER.


If you are carrying a tube you also need a pump to inflate it. A light weight mini pump can be chucked in your bag or fixed to your bike frame so it is always there if you need it. Test it out at home to make sure you know how to use it and it has the right adaptors for your tyre valves. 


Lightweight and compact, a multi-tool features all the key tools you need for your bike but takes up barely any space at all. With a multi-tool in your hand you can solve pretty much any mechanical problem. A good multi-tool will include a chain tool, a device for splitting and repairing a bike chain. It is very rare you need to fix a chain, but learning to do so will avoid a long walk home, and give you a huge sense of accomplishment.  

Latex gloves and wet-wipes

However meticulous you are about bike cleaning and maintenance fixing an inner-tube or working on your bike is always going to result in dirty hands. A thin pair of latex gloves weigh virtually nothing and take up no space at all but is enough to keep your hands clean. A packet of wet-wipes is a handy addition for wiping off any marks or smudges. Invariably, even with gloves, on you will touch your face and leave a smudge of dirt!

A reliable way to get to work

Punctures and mechanicals are far from inevitable, but being prepared and knowing what to do means you have nothing to worry about when you hop on your bike. With these items in your work bag, rucksack or panniers you can be confident enough to take on any simple repair, so you can get back on your bike with minimal disruption to your journey.

Find out more about maintaining your e-bike in perfect condition so you are always ready to roll!