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Dealers vote: SHIMANO STEPS leads in quality

SHIMANO STEPS scores high in SAZbike e-bike dealer survey, winning both ‘product quality’ and ‘maintenance costs’ categories.

Shimano is pleased to announce that our SHIMANO STEPS e-bike system is ranked #1 in both ‘product quality’ and ‘maintenance costs’ in a recent survey held by German e-bike industry magazine SAZbike. Over 400 e-bike dealers participated in this survey, which took place this past December and January. 

SHIMANO STEPS also excelled in the remaining categories of customer service, servicing, education/training, and batteries. As these survey participants are the ones who have the most direct experience with e-bike systems, we are especially excited by these results. 

The survey

All 11 e-bike suppliers included in this survey were ranked based on six topics: product quality, customer service, servicing, education/training, maintenance costs and batteries. Dealers could rate the e-bike suppliers with marks ranging from 1 (very good) to 6 (unsatisfactory). The overall average score is calculated from the six individual scores.

The average e-bike supplier rating was 2.51, with Shimano standing out above the rest with a final score of 1.78. Earning Shimano’s overall placement among the two best is its solid ‘top three’ performance in every category. This includes victories in ‘product quality’ and ‘maintenance costs’, which point to a superb e-bike system that is both outstandingly reliable and cost-effective. In the categories ‘servicing’, ‘education’, and ‘batteries’, Shimano was ranked a close second place. 

Product quality

SHIMANO STEPS took a huge victory in this category, with a whopping 0.16-point lead. This reflects all the effort that we put into creating extremely well-built e-bike systems with long-lasting reliability. It is also indicative of our expert ability to incorporate cutting edge technology into our systems for an effective, comfortable ride that will always leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


Only .01 point separates Shimano from the top spot, indicating that our batteries are truly reliable, powerful and long lasting. They will get you a long way on each charge. And the impressive battery life means that it’s still going strong after 1000 charge cycles.


Earning the silver medal in this category is a close collaboration with our education partner Paul Lange & Co. They ensure that each and every SHIMANO STEPS dealer in Germany is fully educated and trained in our products. They continuously support our dealers with everything from questions about product care to any warranty issues, including handling and delivery of new products.


Servicing – Maintenance costs – Customer service

High marks scored in these categories indicate our solid after-sales support. Any time you need help or just want to confirm your e-bike is running optimally, we are there for you. Our extensive network of highly trained SHIMANO STEPS e-bike dealers means that quick, expert support that won’t break the bank is always nearby.  

What this all means

As our ultimate goal is to instil confidence in each SHIMANO STEPS cyclist, we are thankful for this confirmation that we are really doing our jobs properly. It also confirms that our top priority is to keep you riding and having fun!