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Enjoy the freedom of e-cycling with Shimano and Kalkhoff

Kalkhoff and Shimano share the belief, that finding the right e-bike for you makes cycling feel free and easy. Read on to find out how a Kalkhoff e-bike, with SHIMANO components will help you experience a little bit of freedom every time you get in the saddle.

E-cycling – E is for Easy.

E-bikes make our journeys simple – no getting on and off, no waiting and no looking for a parking space when you reach your destination. With an e-bike you can get more in touch with life and the world around you, the city and countryside are yours to discover anew. With the gentle, intuitive support of pedal assist you can roll along on your e-bike without a care in the world! 

E-bike technology

Like SHIMANO, Kalkhoff have a long relationship with bicycles and have been part of cycling culture for over 100 years. Kalkhoff was originally established in 1919 by 16-year old Heinrich Kalkoff when he began trading second-hand bike parts in his parent’s home and has progressed into one of Europe’s leading e-bike manufacturers. 

It is this combination of traditional values and modern technology which is reflected in the unique design of Kalkhoff bikes. Clean lines and stylistically confident colours with a Nordic bent make the bikes stylish and modern, and the highest level of integration from Shimano components give a ride feel that is natural and simple.

Making e-cycling even easier

At Shimano we love cycling so our e-bike motors are designed to deliver an intuitive natural ride-feel, familiar to everyone who has ridden a bike. Our e-bike motors are appreciated by those who like a more dynamic pedal feel making the Shimano and Kalkhoff bikes perfect for those switching from classic bicycles to e-bikes.

Kalkhoff use SHIMANO E5000 and E6100 drive units, so that Kalkhoff owners benefit from an easy to read display with Bluetooth connectivity. This turns the e-bike into a Smart Bike – giving you even more freedom on your adventures. Use your smartphone and Shimano E-Tube Ride app to view the battery charge, range and much more, or even let your mobile phone take over the navigation to help your relax and enjoy the journey.

E-cycling is for everyone

Kalkhoff’s Agattu 1.S line-up is fully equipped with Shimano e-bike systems. Designed for a comfortable easy feeling ride, these bikes offer a stress-free way to explore the city 

Kalkhoff’s Agattu 1.S XXL, uses a SHIMANO E6100 e-motor and has been made specifically for stronger, heavier and larger riders. With a robust build to carry up to 170kg the low step-through frame design makes getting on and off the bike really easy and allows a more relaxed upright sitting position, so everyone can enjoy cycling in comfort.

Whoever you are and whatever you do with your e-bike you can look forward to the freedom and easy cycling that an e-bike allows you to enjoy.

To discover the joy of e-cycling for yourself, head to your nearest Shimano Dealer  for a test-ride.