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- Explore New Grounds

Lakes and forests of Bavaria - Chiemsee, Germany

We set ten riders across Europe the task of designing an e-MTB route to challenge and inspire riders to explore new ground. In Germany we laid down the challenge to pro rider Guido Tschugg to show us his local trails on his e-MTB.

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Every rider given this task had their own personal take on what it means to explore new ground, Tschugg took note of the brief to design a route that would be accessible to many different riders, but he couldn’t resist also throwing in his own personal favourite, a challenging ride to the top of the Kampenwand mountain.

The result is a real ride of two halves; a network of predominantly flat cycle trails around the lakes offering relaxed riding for everyone or serving as an aperitif for those who want to push their limits on a physical and technical ride to the summit of the mountain.  

The route takes in the land between Tschugg’s house and the mountains, somewhere he rides almost daily. The two halves are in total contrast with each other; firstly, the beautiful still lakes, typical German farmland and pockets of woodland, and the second part, the Kampenwand, is completely different. With a 1,669m summit and remarkable white, jagged rocky out crops it dominates the landscape around it. 

It’s a bit of secret riding location. Lots of riders in the area head to the Alps, only two hours south, but for those in the know there is some epic riding to be found closer to home. If you reach the top of the Kampenwand you can see there is a network of fire roads and trails that are all linked together, with the steep slopes and rocky sections it is challenging and technical enough to test any rider, even Guido.

Toby Martin, from HUMAN, was part of the two-man film crew who produced this film, “it was the most insane day of filming, cameras were rolling at 6.00am and we finished the voice over in the carpark, in the dark, at 11.30pm.”

“Starting with the easy trails near to the lake filming was fun and relatively straightforward. It was really serene, nice and flat, gentle riding and we got some fun shots with the leaves, but that was the first part of the ride and Guido wanted us to see the Kampenwand, the big mountain. We all stood around looking at it in the distance, aware that the light was going to start fading, but all intent on getting there.”

“It was a bigger distance to the summit than we expected and the trails were super steep in places. Myself and the other videographer Mike King were on bikes too and carrying all our gear which made it pretty difficult. Guido was finding it funny how hard it was to film. His bike control is off the scale and he has bags of energy so he was just bouncing around ready to do take after take, while we struggled with camera angles and our gear on the steep gradients.”

“We were up there until the sun came down, trying to get the very last of the light at a view point Guido showed us. The view was amazing, the lakes laid out beneath you, but as soon as the sun went it was absolutely freezing. We wrapped up filming and packed up camera gear in the dark. By now the chair lift had closed, so we had to ride down this twisty winding road.”

“Mike punctured and by now it was pitch dark, we couldn’t find the stuff we needed to fix it and it was getting colder still.  Guido is an absolute trooper, he swapped bikes with Mike and rode on the rim for 10km. Mike and I are both very competent riders but could not believe how fast and smooth he could ride it. We couldn’t stick with him.  Guido was amazing fun to film with, really generous and kind. It was a day’s filming I won’t forget.” 

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Germany, Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria

Riding through the woodlands of Bavaria between a tapestry of lakes and woodlands on narrow, flowing trails offers a great mix of challenge and relaxation.  

BOX  Guido Tschugg | @tschugg_23

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