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05 August 2021

It brightens up your day

When the hills are too steep, the diversions too long and you can’t outride the overly aggressive local dog, it’s time to reconsider your daily commute by bike. But don’t take the car, take an e-bike!

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Your commute to work shouldn’t be the stressful part of the day. Rather than dreading the ride, rushing your breakfast and tumbling out of the house in a mad bid to make to the office on time, it’s time to cruise through the morning. 



With a SHIMANO EP8 motor you can go from sleepy to speedy in no time. The 85Nm of torque means you can accelerate with ease and climb without breaking a sweat. Quick-charging and long-life batteries allow you to spend lots of time riding and little time re-charging. You can choose between different assist modes for a major boost or just a gentle helping hand, and even customise profiles on the E-TUBE app to really get the most out of your bike. 



It’s all about less haste and more speed. A faster ride to work means longer in bed, time to slowly sip your coffee, pack your lunch or drop the children to school.



If you’re not a morning person, then you’re definitely a EP8 person! Go ahead and brighten up your day.