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Make the Switch with SHIMANO STEPS e-bike systems

Change your ride to change your world. Choose Beach, Freedom – or even Adventure mode. The choice is yours with SHIMANO STEPS.

What will you choose?

No matter your idea of fun, SHIMANO STEPS E6100 and E5000 e-bike systems can easily inject a bit of it into your daily life. Love adventure? Then go ahead and explore the great outdoors. There is no hill or headwind strong enough to stop you from rediscovering nature. Or maybe your thing is taking midday breaks to relax with cappuccino in hand at your favourite waterside café. A workday? No problem. Just hop on the bike and feel the fresh breeze on your face as you glide past stopped traffic as well as queues of folks stuffing themselves into busses and trains. You’ll arrive at the office feeling both ready and motivated to take on the world. Keeping fit has never been so much fun!

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Why switch to SHIMANO STEPS?

Natural riding feeling

Lightweight drive unit with intuitive support gives you the same natural riding feeling as a regular bike… but with the assurance that you’ll arrive at your destination on time, fresh and relaxed. 

Long range

Go ahead and explore new territories. You can trust in SHIMANO STEPS to get you safely back home. Travel distance is up to 185 km (on ECO, 504 Wh battery) on one single charge.

Smooth shifting, comfy cadence

Combined with the first e-bike dedicated 5-speed hub (NEXUS Inter-5E), you can shift smoothly under high load. In addition, for an incredibly comfortable cadence the spacing between the five gears is specifically designed for the higher speeds that e-bike riders usually reach.

Automatic shifting (Di2 only)

Lets you put all focus on simply enjoying the ride. It detects and analyses your speed and crank rotations for smooth intuitive shifting to the most optimal, efficient gear – just like an automatic car. Automatic shifting is possible with Di2-compatible 8/5 speed internal hub gears.

Start mode (Di2 only)

Every time you stop, your bike automatically shifts down to an easier gear for an effortless start as you get back up to speed. This is especially useful in urban areas which require frequent stopping and starting.

Make the Switch

Simply change your ride and you’ll change your world. Whether you’re zipping around city streets, coasting through the countryside or tackling tough terrain, our e-bike systems will support you every step of the way. Smart, smooth, silent and powerful, they come pre-installed on a wide range of bicycle brands. Not only will they transform your ride, but they will also transform your life. Get ready to make the switch!