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New SHIMANO STEPS E7000 e-MTB groupset unveiled

Built on our successful e-MTB technologies, the new E7000 arms you with many tech solutions to venture off the beaten path.

SHIMANO STEPS E7000 has inherited many of the unique technologies used in our e-MTB (E8000) system, which currently serves as undisputed benchmark in the e-MTB industry. Among these technologies, its light, compact drive unit is what allows us to keep the same geometry as a normal mountain bike for that natural riding feel. It also carries over the drive unit’s intuitive power-assist which precisely matches your pedaling effort.

By combining these E8000 technologies with our century’s worth of expertise, we created the E7000 series which delivers an e-bike riding experience that will inspire you to ride all day, every day. 

At the core

The drive unit’s design, both inside and out, echoes that of the compact and lightweight e-MTB (E8000) for increased rigidity and better power transfer. Its low profile with a durable protective cover is designed to handle the rigors of off-road riding while clearing protruding roots and rocks.  

The drive unit tips the scales at an impressively low weight of 2.88 kg. You’ll notice that most when you pedal past the motor’s assistance speed limit of 25km/h and hit the gradual transition from the motor’s power to yours. The nearly silent drive unit pumps out a steady 250W with max power output of 60Nm for a solid performance over all types of terrain. 

Similar to the E8000, the E7000’s Q-Factor and offset is the same as a non-motorized bike. This means it rides just like a normal bike, down to the same handling qualities. Not only does it ride comfortably, but it also blends right in with the frame thanks to its compact, sleek and integrated design.

Depending on the brand and model you choose, your SHIMANO STEPS E7000 equipped e-bike will be spec’d with a powerful, long-lasting, fast-charging Li-Ion battery of either 418 Wh or 504 Wh. 

Info display

We’ve built a lot of flexibility into what data you view – and how you view it. Choose to use our newly designed sleek, bar-mounted display that includes all functions you’ll need. Or wirelessly (via ANT or Bluetooth) partner the bike with your smartphone or a third-party display (Garmin or SIGMA) using our junction box. You can also ride with only the junction box, that shows battery life and support mode so all your focus remains on the road.


The ergonomic, adjustable layout of the brand-new switch buttons make it a breeze to remain in control at all times. The left-hand control is set up for switching support settings (Boost, Trail, Eco, Walk). On the right hand is the switch for changing through all 11 sprockets of the cassette.

For customized riding performance, you can choose the level of each support setting to match your riding style and terrain via Explorer, Dynamic or Custom modes. These modes allow you to adjust the strength of boost and trail settings for your ideal balance between support and traction needed for technical riding.

SHIMANO STEPS E7000 e-bike system will be pre-installed on a wide variety of brands and models. The first of these brands to be equipped with the new E7000 series will be available in September 2018.