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12 May 2021

Our e-bike design philosophy – SHIMANO

At SHIMANO we have a passion for cycling and a passion for design. We have been at the forefront of cycle component design for 100 years and we are constantly working toward new innovations. Our e-bike technology is designed with the rider in mind, we want to make cycling more fun, more accessible and create a natural intuitive ride feel.

E-bikes are one of the most exciting new trends in cycling, the e-bike market is growing rapidly – 3 million e-bikes were sold in Europe in 2019 which, in some countries, accounts for half of annual bike sales. E-cycling is great for the environment, by reducing transport emissions, great for our health as e-bike riders ride further and more often than they would on a conventional bike and most importantly a fun way to explore and travel!

At SHIMANO cycling is our priority, when designing e-bike technology we do it with the total ride experience at the forefront of our thinking, this is more than just making a motor for a bike. We are inspired by the same things that inspire SHIMANO riders; being outside and enjoying nature, improving our health and fitness and energising our lives through the fun of cycling. Our holistic approach to design opens up many new possibilities, it helps us to connect rider and bike more closely without losing that one essential element: an enjoyable riding experience. 

At SHIMANO we know what makes a great riding experience, which is why we believe that the future of e-bike technology must hold more than just extra power. We believe e-bikes should capture the essence of cycling, the power supplied by the motor should be natural and intuitive, led by the demands of the rider. Instead of feeling like you are riding a motorized bike it should simply make you feel powerful and strong . As if you had borrowed the legs of a professional bike rider!

With the support of an e-bike you can tackle much harder rides and remain within your physical comfort zone.  You never have to push big gears, which is hard on your body, or struggle on long or steep climbs. Without fatigue you are more able to challenge yourself technically, you’ll feel strong and in control of your bike all the way to the end of the ride. By not ending every ride feeling exhausted you have more energy to ride again the next day. An e-bike can help you become a better and fitter rider.

We’ve designed the components of our e-bike system to integrate with other SHIMANO components, like internal hub gears, so you and every part of your bike work together in perfect harmony and there is nothing to disrupt the flow of your ride. We understand the demands of cycling and rider’s needs across different cycling disciplines. Whether it’s using auto-down shift for an easy start away from traffic lights when city riding or support when pushing your bike and walking up super-steep mountain gradients off-road, we know the obstacles you and your bike will be facing.  Our drive units deliver the right amount of power at the right time so you can pedal comfortably in any situation.

We have been designing cycle componentry since 1921. For 45 years we have been driving performance in professional cycling and for the last 35 years we have been leading the charge for mountain-biking, always pushing boundaries. Now we are leaders in e-cycling innovation our goal remains the same, to create the best riding experience possible – whoever you are and whatever you ride.