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Quarter of European commuters willing to switch to e-bikes

SHIMANO STEPS reveals findings from the largest European study on people’s willingness to commute by e-bike, uncovering both pros and cons.

According to recent SHIMANO STEPS independent research that included over 12,000 Europeans, a whopping 24% of commuters would consider switching to an e-bike. While this percentage varies from country to country, it is certainly proof that e-bikes are quickly on the rise. People are ready and willing to ditch the car and Make the Switch to e-bikes.

The results

The data for this research was collected in February 2019 via an online survey of European commuters from ten countries. It was discovered that the Netherlands leads the charge of commuters (47%) who would consider making the switch to e-bike commuting. Spain comes in just behind with 39%, and Italy at 33%. These numbers certainly correlate with the strong, well-established bike culture in these countries. According to SHIMANO STEPS Brand Manager Jeroen Van Vulpen, “We’re also seeing huge growth in the e-bike market across all of Europe. This research further highlights the likelihood of widespread adoption of e-bikes to commute to work in the future.” 

Why Make the Switch

Across Europe, the main reasons why people would make the switch to e-bike commuting are “to keep fit” (34%) “to protect the environment” (30%) and “to save money” (30%). Van Vulpen adds, “It’s really encouraging to see that across all countries, people are willing to switch to an e-bike to keep fit and protect the environment.” E-bikes also have full support from Ádám Bodor, Advocacy Director of the European Cyclists' Federation. “We welcome this research from Shimano as these bikes are a great addition to the bicycle family. They contribute to sustainable active transport by being available to substitute ever longer car journeys.”

What holds them back

For the majority of European countries, we found that what causes a delay in switching to e-bike commuting is “the possibility of bad weather” (37%), “the cost of an e-bike” (34%) and “arriving at work sweaty” (25%).

Lowest on the list of countries with commuters willing to make the switch to e-bikes is the United Kingdom (11%). This is well below the European average. The “possibility of bad weather” (43%) and “arriving to work sweaty” (35%) proved to be the main reasons for UK commuters to resist the switch to e-bikes.

Weather and sweat, though, can easily be overcome. Simply dress for the weather and let the electric assistance take the strain, as proven by the SHIMANO STEPS sweat test conducted last year. As for offsetting the cost of an e-bike, SHIMANO STEPS just came out with its most cost effective e-bike system (E5000) to help bear the burden. 

Ready to Make the Switch?

Visit SHIMANO STEPS to check out why a quarter of commuters are willing to Make the Switch to e-bikes and discover which e-bike system best matches your style.