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Ready to charge your world?

The brand new SHIMANO STEPS battery charger is now out! Find out why getting an extra charger for the road might not be a bad idea…

Charge your world. Change your life.

A SHIMANO STEPS battery charger already comes with every purchase of a bike equipped with SHIMANO STEPS. But there are plenty of good reasons to get an extra one. Maybe you want to: 

• Keep one at your office to charge your commutes?
• Carry a compact charger in your rucksack while trekking? 
• Plug it in during coffee or lunch breaks on longer trips

Seems like a good idea? Why not consider getting EC-E8004, the latest battery charger in the SHIMANO STEPS line-up? Read on to find out why. 

The juice on the new EC-E8004 battery charger

First, a bit of history to help you arrive at where we are today when it comes to keeping your journeys powered. 

Our first SHIMANO STEPS battery charger EC-E6000 (4A), released in 2014, made it possible to fast-charge the battery while it was on the bike: an impressive 80% capacity in 2.5 hours (based on a 504WH battery). Plus the possibility to charge the battery while off the bike using an SM-BTE60 or SM-BTE80 adapter. 

The next-generation EC-E6002 (1.8A), released in 2017, is more compact and lightweight. And now you could carry it around with you and charge it on the go – without the need for an adapter. But to make it lighter and more compact, it has a charge rate of 1.8 amps. In simple terms: it takes longer to charge to full capacity.  

The new EC-E8004 (4A) battery charger combines the best of both worlds. It’s more compact, lightweight and portable – yet robust. And at 4 amps, is the fast-charge hero of 2020. This makes it especially handy for mountain bikers or trekking riders on all-day trips: they can simply stash it in their rucksacks and recharge their battery, both literally and metaphorically, during a well-deserved coffee stop. 

The lowdown:
• Empty to 80% capacity in just 2.5 hours*
• Empty to 100% capacity in just 4.5 hours*
• High IPX5 waterproof level
• 40% more compact and lighter than the EC-E6000
• 40% faster charging than the EC-E6002 

* Charging time based on 504WH battery

So where can I get my hands on the new EC-E8004 battery charger?

The new EC-E8004 battery charger is already available at your local SHIMANO STEPS dealer. Find your nearest one.