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17 May 2021

Stop the excuses! Get fit with an e-bike

Want to be more active and get fit this summer but struggling with motivation? Whatever your excuse, an e-bike is the solution!

Exercise excuse buster

You might start e-cycling to get fit and healthy but you’ll keep doing it because it is fun! And when exercise is fun it stops being a chore. Here are some of the top reasons people give for not exercising and the e-bike solution. 

I don’t have time

However much spare time you have got, your e-bike helps you make the most of it. With the input of pedal-assist you can go further in the same amount of time, helping you to explore new places and enjoy your ride, without feeling exhausted. 

I’m too tired

Finding the energy to exercise after a hard day at work can be a challenge but an e-bike gives you the power you need to keep going! Once you are on your e-bike with the support, of pedal assist, you will be able to put the feelings of tiredness aside and be woken up by the exhilaration of riding your bike.

Exercise is boring

Trust us. Exercise is not boring on an e-bike. Instead of staring at a wall in a gym or plodding round the park jogging, an e-bike can take you places. Exciting places. Nothing beats the wind in your hair and the exhilaration of whizzing down hills.

Hills are too hard

An e-bike puts a tail-wind behind you and flattens out the hills. With intuitive, responsive pedal-assist as soon as the gradient kicks up, your e-bike starts to take the strain. As a rider you will still be pushing on the pedals – and therefore getting fitter- but it makes all hills, even mountains, attainable. 

I’m not fast enough

Firstly, who said you need to be fast to ride a bike? A good bike ride is measured in fun not speed. But, we know what it is like to go out with faster friends and struggle. An e-bike allows you to enjoy riding in a group and not worry about being left behind or exhausting yourself to keep up.

I can’t ride very far

With an e-bike you can cover more distance, for less effort, than on a conventional bike. This means journeys that might feel inaccessible to you, are comfortably within your reach. Depending on the model of e-bike your ride, you can cover up to 150km on one charge, more than enough for even the most ambitious day out exploring.

I’m not fit enough

If you don’t feel fit enough to cycle the support of an e-bike is the perfect way to get started. You can exercise without feeling exhausted or strained, allowing you to just have fun and enjoy the ride. Cycling, the way it should be.

To give e-biking a go head to your nearest SHIMANO SERVICE CENTER to arrange a test ride and discover how an e-bike can help exercise fun again.