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Tips to optimize your SHIMANO STEPS e-bike system

Ready to optimize the performance of your SHIMANO STEPS e-bike system? Just follow these easy instructions now for long-lasting reliability.

The SHIMANO STEPS e-bike system is designed for optimal function, with each component working together to deliver the ultimate riding experience. Even so, we know that there is a strong temptation for some to “tweak” their ride to get that extra perceived performance. These types of system modifications, though, result in the bike no longer meeting legal regulations for its intended use, which voids its warranty. Luckily, there are ways to effectively increase your bike’s performance while keeping its reliability, longevity and safety intact – as well as its warranty in case something goes wrong.

Optimization tips

To get the most out of your SHIMANO STEPS system-equipped bike for increased performance, simply follow these tips:

  • Keep optimal tire pressure. 
    Most tires display tire pressure range on their sidewalls for easy reference. But do some additional research to figure out the most effective pressure for your weight and riding style. This can help you to ride faster by having the ideal amount of traction where your power transfer is optimized. Keep in mind that higher pressure does not always mean increased speed.
  • Minimize wasted energy.
    A major aspect of increased effectiveness is to equip your bike with components that help you save energy. By switching to Di2 for smooth, effortless shifting, you never have to waste valuable pedal strokes by soft-pedalling to change gears.
  • Adjust your SHIMANO STEPS firmware settings.
    Download our latest SHIMANO STEPS e-bike firmware via our E-Tube app. Then adjust your settings to sync with your riding style. Check out our firmware page now to download our latest version and learn how settings adjustment can lift your game. If your system is not Bluetooth-enabled, visit your dealer for assistance.
  • Brake later.
    By equipping your e-bike with reliable brakes and tuning them to work as they should, you give yourself the option to brake later. This translates into holding onto your higher speed well past the point where all the others would need to brake.
  • Minimize rotating weight.
    You can go faster by switching to lighter components that have the highest rotating weight – namely wheels, tires and tubes. By minimizing their weights, you win yourself free speed, meaning increased speed for the same perceived pedalling effort.
  • Keep your bike clean.
    The old saying that “a clean bike is a happy bike” goes way beyond the appearance of the bike. Components work a lot more effectively and efficiently when properly cared for.

Full speed ahead

By following these simple instructions, you improve performance without all the drawbacks of tweaking your ride. Such drawbacks include subjecting your SHIMANO STEPS e-bike system to a significant increase in wear at an accelerated rate and inadvertent malfunction of the controller or motor, as they are not designed for modifications of this kind.

We’ve given you the perfect e-bike system, along with simple tips on optimizing your ride. All that’s left to do now is try them out to see what works best for you.

For personalized assistance in implementing any of our tips above, visit one of our qualified SHIMANO STEPS dealers in your neighbourhood. They’re ready and willing to help with all your needs. Find your local dealer now.

Happy riding!