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Upgrade your power

Ride a SHIMANO E5000-equipped e-bike? Find out how you can add more punch to your urban commutes, shopping and day trips.

Our E-TUBE app just got Sportive.

SHIMANO’s E5000 drive unit comes pre-loaded with Comfort power-assist and three combo modes – Eco | Normal | High. Ideal for personalising your riding experience and giving you a gentle boost whenever you need one.

From today, you can now add our brand-new power-assist – Sportive – simply by upgrading the SHIMANO E-TUBE app on your smartphone.

In less than a minute, you can add even more oomph to your daily journeys – whether that’s cycling up hills or powering away from traffic lights.

No, you won’t be able to exceed the 15.5mph speed limit. But you will experience:

  • 60% more assist in Eco mode.
  • 125% more assist in Normal mode.
  • The same 200% assist as Comfort power-assist when in High mode.

Upgrade to Sportive in 5 easy steps

For existing E-TUBE users:

  • Update your app to ensure it has the latest firmware
  • Turn your bike on, search for your bike within the app and complete the wireless connection
  • Update components
  • Select the drive unit and change the characteristic from COMFORT to SPORTIVE
  • Disconnect E-TUBE

For new users:

  • Download the app or program via the E-TUBE website and follow the steps above

New to E-TUBE?

Visit the SHIMANO E-TUBE PROJECT website to download the app and find out how you can customise your everyday rides. And follow the 5 steps above to get Sportive.