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Product information DU-EP800-CRG

Discover the SHIMANO STEPS EP800 E-Cargo system

SHIMANO STEPS e-bike system is now available for cargo bikes! And makes carrying kids, pets or precious loads around town easier than ever. The lightweight EP800-CRG motor ensures a quiet, smooth ride brimming with control and confidence. And you can rely on a power boost just when you need it. SHIMANO STEPS EP800-CRG comes pre-installed on a wide variety of cargo brands and models.

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The SHIMANO STEPS EP800-CRG motor makes transport easy from the get-go. Thanks to cargo-specific firmware in the E-TUBE app, you’ll experience a smooth take-off – even with a heavy load. You’ve got the torque! Full-automatic shifting also ensures a more natural riding experience so you can focus on the pure joy of breezing through the city with kids or cargo. Quiet and compact, the EP800-CRG motor reduces pedalling drag. Compatible with a wide range of mechanical and Di2 shift options, it also provides up to 85Nm of torque for a light and refined pedal-assist feel.

  • Quiet and lightweight
  • Compact and integrated design
  • Smooth pedalling
  • Strong heat-resistance on long climbs
  • Maximum output of 85Nm 
  •  Walk-assist mode
  • Start mode*
  • Fully automatic shifting
    * When combined with Di2 Internal Gear Hub


The fast-charging, high-capacity Li-Ion battery will get you and your cargo around town with plenty to spare. This is because our batteries are renowned for keeping you riding longer further. SHIMANO STEPS E-Cargo system is compatible with 630Wh internal and external batteries for even more capacity which means you can keep your focus on the road and not the battery indicator. You can also opt for the 504Wh battery or third-party batteries by Shimano partners such as Trend Power or Darfon.

  • Long lifespan
  • Quick charging to keep you up and running and for any spontaneous cargo journeys
  • Enables you to ride long distances
Info display

Info display

View all of your ride settings and colour-coordinated levels of assist via a 1.6 (inch) LCD screen for easy reference in the city.

  • Integrated so as not to dominate the handlebar
  • Premium and elegant aesthetics
  • Positioned safely on handlebars
  • Readable in bright sunshine

Read more about the technical specifications

Technical specifications

  • LCD size (inch): 1.6
  • Selection x2 ride profiles
  • Bluetooth connectivity with E-TUBE apps
  • ANT private wireless communication with 3rd-party displays
  • Anti-theft prevention mount


The SHIMANO STEPS EP800-CRG system features brand new LINKGLIDE technology specifically designed to reduce drivetrain wear and tear. This means you can enjoy high-mileage, low-maintenance biking for years to come – without worrying about having to replace or repair components. Although ultra-durable, LINKGLIDE delivers smooth seamless shifts for a truly comfortable riding experience.


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Fully automatic shifting

You can use fully automatic shifting by combining the DU-EP800-CRG motor with our Di2 internal gear hub. Based on cadence and speed, the SHIMANO STEPS E-Cargo system automatically tells the Di2 hub what gear to shift into. Expect a smoother riding experience because you won’t be breaking a sweat about whether you’re in the right gear or not. 

When you need to come to an abrupt halt, SHIMANO STEPS will automatically shift down to a lower gear as you stop at traffic lights, for example. And give you – and your load – that extra surge when the lights go green again for an easy start.

Go further while saving energy

A proven match

Shimano is to cycling what sound is to music. Who better to power your e-bike?

The natural choice

Shimano is a trusted partner of bike manufacturers all over the world. It’s the natural choice for your e-bike.

Perfect harmony

Like all Shimano groupsets, the STEPS system works in perfect harmony with Shimano bike components.