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General Information

    What is SHIMANO STEPS?
    SHIMANO STEPS is Shimano’s e-bike system. STEPS stands for SHIMANO Total Electric Power System. Shimano incorporates its extensive experience and success in bike componentry into the creation of its premium e-bike systems.

    Does SHIMANO make e-bikes?
    Shimano does not make e-bikes. We only produce the e-bike systems as well as complete drivetrains that work seamlessly with our systems. Take a look here to discover which bike brands in your country incorporate SHIMANO STEPS.

    Can I purchase a SHIMANO STEPS system?
    SHIMANO STEPS is only sold pre-installed on bicycles that are uniquely built to incorporate SHIMANO STEPS technology. SHIMANO STEPS cannot be purchased separately for self-installation. If you own a SHIMANO STEPS e-bike and need spare parts, visit your SHIMANO STEPS dealer. Your dealer can also arrange for an experienced mechanic to replace them for you.

    How fast does a SHIMANO STEPS e-bike go?

    The max power of the Shimano STEPS system is 20mph. This classifies our system as a class 1 pedal assist bike. To read more about class levels, please visit PeopleForBikes here.

    How much does a SHIMANO STEPS e-bike cost?

    This depends on the manufacturer, type of bike, and spec. Shimano STEPS equipped bikes can range from roughly $2,000 USD - $10,000 USD.

    Do you have to pedal on a SHIMANO STEPS e-bike?

    Yes, all SHIMANO STEPS systems are pedelecs, meaning pedal assist. The SHIMANO system is designed to amplify the power you put into the bike, it will not work unless the rider does.

    Who can benefit from a SHIMANO STEPS e-bike?

    Pedal assist e-bikes can be used by anyone. Whether you are commuting to work, running groceries, or simply want to ride further, STEPS bikes can fit into your lifestyle.

    How much does a SHIMANO STEPS e-bike weigh?

    This depends on the manufacturer and type of e-bike. Please visit our SHIMANO STEPS Brands Page for a list of manufacturer sites to review different models and weights.

    Which SHIMANO STEPS e-bike should I get?

    This depends on what type of riding you enjoy and what your goals are. Do you want to get to and from work? Are you looking to ride off road more? Please visit your local bike shop to discuss your needs to help determine what style bike is best for you. 

    Is the Shimano STEPS system waterproof?

    Yes, the SHIMANO STEPS system is waterproof for use under normal riding conditions, including heavy rain. Please do not use a high-pressure washer to clean your bike.

  • General E-Bike Questions

    Can you still get exercise on an e-bike?

    Absolutely. Riding a pedal assist bike is always a workout, it just allows you to stay fresh for longer. Remember, the bike will not move unless you do! 

    Can I ride an e-bike in the rain?

    Yes, STEPS equipped e-bikes are water resistant. This means they can be ridden in the rain but note; they are not meant to be submerged under water.

    How do I maintain my e-bike?

    Maintenance of an e-bike is just like any other. Check tire pressure, brakes, and chain before each ride, and take your bike into your local dealer for a tune-up every six months. If you notice something wrong before six months, bring your bike into your local dealer to find the source of the problem. 

  • Installation

    Can I install SHIMANO STEPS on any bike?
    No. SHIMANO STEPS only works on frames specifically designed by the bike manufacturer to work with this system. To see which bike brands are working with SHIMANO STEPS, take a look here.

    Can I replace my bike’s e-bike system with SHIMANO STEPS?
    If your current e-bike is not equipped with SHIMANO STEPS, you cannot make this replacement.

  • Test Rides

    Where can I test ride a SHIMANO STEPS e-bike?

    Please visit your local SHIMANO STEPS dealer to test ride an e-bike. We also have dedicated SHIMANO STEPS drivers attending both large and small events across North America.

  • Road Rules

    Where can you ride an e-bike?

    This depends on your state. Please review the map on PeopleForBikes here to determine where you may ride both city e-bikes and e-MTB’s

    Do I need a license to ride an e-bike?

    No, Shimano STEPS e-bikes fall under the Class 1 rating. This means that they do not exceed 20MPH. Please visit PeopleForBikes to better understand the e-bike class rating system. 

    Are e-bikes allowed on bike lanes?

    This depends on your state. Please review the map on PeopleForBikes to better understand e-bike laws in your area.


  • Warranty

    How long is the warranty valid?

    Shimano provides a 2-year warranty for all STEPS components beginning on the date it’s purchased.

  • Customization

    What is Di2 Shifting?
    Di2 is SHIMANO's electronic shifting system. The advantage of Di2 is faster, smoother shifting with minimal effort. When installed on a SHIMANO STEPS equipped city or comfort e-bike, you can also benefit from the auto shift functions.

    How can I upgrade my SHIMANO STEPS e-bike to Di2 shifting?

    You will need to consult with your SHIMANO STEPS dealer to make this happen. Their qualified mechanics will need to adjust your system's original settings to make it work seamlessly with Di2.

  • Battery – general

    Can I upgrade battery from 418Wh to 504Wh?
    Yes, you can.

    Can I lock the battery?
    Yes. There is a keylock included which you can use to lock and unlock the battery on the bike.

  • Battery range

    What is the battery range of a SHIMANO STEPS e-bike?

    There are many variables that determine the range of your battery. These can include rider weight, wind, terrain type, and assist level being used.


    Long-term battery storage?

    • Store in a cool, indoor location with a stable temperature between approximately 10 to 20°C
    • No direct exposure to sunlight or rain
    • Charge battery to around 70% before storing
    • Every six months, charge the battery back up to around 70% 
    • Before using the battery again, charge it completely

    What do I do if the range shown on my bike is fewer? 

    The range overview is recalculated continuously by calculating speed, driver behavior and power consumption. This means that range overview makes a prediction, which can vary depending on these different factors.

  • Battery capacity

    What is the battery capacity?
    SHIMANO STEPS offers two battery options: 418 Wh and 504 Wh

    How much does the remaining battery capacity decrease after several years?

    Generally, the battery will decrease by approximately 5% a year. Which means about 95% capacity remains after year one, and 90% after year 2. 

  • Charging battery

    Do I need to empty the battery completely before recharging to expand battery life?
    No, as this will not affect battery life. Simply charge your battery any time you feel you need it.

    How long does it take to charge a SHIMANO STEPS battery?

    The battery will charge from 0-80% in 2 hours, and from 0-100% in 4 hours.

  • Running on empty battery

    My STEPS battery is empty. Do I need to charge it right away?
    You need to charge it back up to 70% if you plan to directly store your bike for six months or more. Otherwise, if you plan to use your bike in the very near future, simply charge the battery before your next ride.

    Can I still pedal if the battery is empty?
    Yes, but you won’t have any support. As e-bikes are heavier than normal bikes, it’s best to avoid these situations. If you are using Di2, you can still shift gears for a while as this uses less energy.

    Will display still work if battery is empty?
    Yes. When riding with an empty battery, the ride-assist will stop but there will always be some extra ‘bring me home’ energy to run the display as well as (if installed) bike lights and Di2 shifting. 

    Does pedaling recharge the battery?
    No. Pedaling the bike does not recharge the battery. 

Additional support
  • Manual

    Where can I find a SHIMANO STEPS manual?
    You can download the SHIMANO STEPS manual here

  • Compatibility Chart

    Which parts are compatible with SHIMANO STEPS bikes?
    Visit our SHIMANO tech page at to find answers to your compatibility questions. OR go to your local SHIMANO STEPS dealer where you’ll find qualified experts to help you out.

  • Technical Information

    Where can I find technical info on my SHIMANO STEPS equipped bike?
    All product information can be found on our website. You can also visit your local SHIMANO STEPS dealer. They will be happy to answer all your questions.

Troubleshooting & Errors
Software & Updates
Maintenance & Repair
  • Maintenance

    How Do I Keep my e-bike in Top Condition?

    Visit your SHIMANO STEPS dealer where a qualified expert will be happy to go over a maintenance routine with you.

    How Should I Store My e-bike?
    Store your e-bike in a dry environment kept at room temperature. If planning on storing it for longer than six months, you’ll need to take extra care of the battery:

    • Store battery in a cool, indoor location with a stable temperature between approximately 10 to 20°C
    • No direct exposure to sunlight or rain
    • Charge battery to around 70% before storing
    • Every six months, charge the battery back up to around 70%  
    • Before using the battery again, charge it completely

  • Dealers, Contact, further info, latest news

    How to find my nearest dealer for questions / purchase of a SHIMANO STEPS bike?
    Find dealers near you by using our dealer locator

    How Can You Contact us with SHIMANO STEPS-related Questions?
    You can contact us via Facebook or by contacting our North America Customer Service team.

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