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- e-MTB world championships

SHIMANO EP8 battle tested in Leogang

SHIMANO EP8’s first race immediately resulted in a podium spot, as Kathrin Stirnemann of the Thömus RN Swiss Bike Team raced to a silver medal at the e-MTB world championships in Leogang. “The new Shimano EP8 engine is super smooth”, said Stirnemann. “I had the perfect setup for this race.”

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This year marks the second edition of the e-MTB Cross-Country World Championships. Teams and riders from across the world gathered to compete for the coveted title. This year's race attracted a variety of riders from cross-country to enduro to downhill and is really representing what e-MTB is about in the sense of having something that everyone can do and give a try. 

Besides the physical and technical skills of the riders, another big aspect of this race is the technological challenge to be able to have the best overall e-bike possible to compete. Shimano partnered up with the Thömus RN Swiss Bike Team to see how the newly introduced EP8 engine would hold up in top of the line MTB racing. Team Manager Ralph Näf: “We're very happy that we can go to the start line with the Shimano EP8 engine. It gives us extra power, with the maximum of 85Nm.”

But before going to the start line, there is quite a process to go through. As with any technological competition there are strict controls and all the machines from all riders need to be carefully inspected and tested to verify that it is a fair game. The Thömus-Shimano combo passed these tests gloriously.

“We're very happy that we can go to the start line with the Shimano EP8 engine. It gives us extra power, with the maximum of 85Nm.” - Ralph Näf, Team Manager

With that out of the way, it’s game on. For Stirnemann it’s her first proper e-bike race, so practice is key. “We're trying lines, working on the tyre pressure and suspension setup. Just checking everything out.”

Race day arrived with bad weather, adding another element of difficulty. Not only for the riders, who saw their ideal lines vanish in the rain, but also for the bikes and engines that had to sustain riding in the thick mud. For the Thömus RN Swiss Bike Team, Andreas Moser and Ursin Spescha both raced a clean men’s race. They finished mid-pack without any mechanicals, which was great given the extreme conditions. Meanwhile, Stirnemann shined in the women’s race. The Swiss made these e-MTB world championships an important goal of her season and she made it count straight from the start. Riding extremely well in the technical sections and slicing through the pack to the second position. Towards the end of the race she was able to maintain a very high pace, making use of the Boost mode of her EP8 equipped Thömus e-bike, securing the well-deserved silver medal. And showing that Shimano EP8 has the power and the reliability to compete on the top of the e-MTB scene.