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27 March 2018

A Shimano e-Bike in Five Simple STEPS

A Shimano STEPS e-bike is a ride unlike anything else. Suddenly, hills seem flatter. Your city feels smaller. People and places that were a car trip away can now be a fun ride away. Any bike can move you forward, but only STEPS has the power to recharge your love for riding.

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STEP 1: Smooth Positive Energy

Find a natural pedal feeling with a boost of power.



STEP 2: Power To Take You Further

Go up to 93 miles on a single charge.



STEP 3: Smart Shifting

You can rely on the quality and reliability of Shimano components. 



STEP 4: Simple Display

The ability to track your speed, mileage and assist level.



STEP 5: Power Assist

Three different assist levels to power you up or down on the go.