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30 December 2019

Adding Lights to Your E-Bike

An often-overlooked feature of e-bikes is the ability to easily integrate lights into the bike itself



Lights are vitally important to rider safety, but they are often oversized, require additional battery packs, and can create a cluttered cockpit. One cool, and often overlooked, feature of e-bikes is the ability to easily and neatly integrate lights into the bike itself. They can connect to the drive unit and are powered from the battery already installed on your bike. Several Shimano STEPS equipped e-bikes, like the BMC Alpenchallenge, AMP City, and the Yuba Boda Boda, have lights already neatly integrated to the frame, handle bars, fenders, and racks. This creates a clean look and provides enough light to make your commute safe and help keep you visible in the road. 


How the rider switches these lights on will depend on the system and bike itself.  On Shimano STEPS city systems, including E5000, E6000, and E6100, you can power the light on and off from a switch the display itself while riding.


The STEPS SC-E6100 screen features a specific button to easily control lights while riding.


On the e-mountain bike systems, including STEPS E7000 and E8000, the lights are controlled from the “A” button beneath the display and also by scrolling through the menu using the assist switches. Once you find “Lights”, use the “A” button to select it. This will keep the lights on if the bike is turned on. During the day, it could be used it as a daytime running light for increased visibility. 


If your e-bike isn’t already equipped with lights, or if additional output is necessary, Lupine has front lights that mount to the center of the handlebar and connect to the light terminals on the Shimano STEPS E8000 drive unit. The Lupine lights integrate neatly and can be operated with an additional switch mounted cleanly to the handlebar. They also offer both a low beam and high beam mode, which can be important riding in high traffic areas. Installation instructions are included with the light and in your Shimano STEPS manual. If you aren’t comfortable installing or can’t access the light connection terminals on your STEPS Drive Unit, we recommend taking it to your Shimano authorized dealer to ensure proper installation.




Lighting is a perfect way to maximize your Shimano STEPS bike’s capability and keep you safe while commuting, but they will draw more heavily from the battery. Keep this in mind when switching modes and zooming around town.