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29 April 2020

Basic E-Bike Maintenance

These simple to follow tips and tricks will keep you and your STEPS bike rolling throughout the year.



An E-Bike is no different from any other bike in that it requires regular maintenance to stay rolling, and for the most part, that maintenance is very similar to your standard bike. However, because the bike is heavier, goes faster, and puts out more power, it will require a little extra vigilance to keep you riding safely and efficiently. 


E-bike Maintenance


To start, you’ll want to wash the bike completely. This will make it easier to inspect the different components and the frame. STEPS drive units can take a little spray, but like with any bike, you’ll want to avoid high pressure pointed directly at components or electric parts. It’s not necessary to remove the battery for washing. If you do remove the battery, take care not to directly spray the connections with high pressure, or cover them to protect them from direct spray. While drying the bike, you can inspect each of the E-Tube wire connections and check for any loose bolts especially around the handlebars and headset.

In addition to the occasional bike wash, you’ll also have to...




1)   Regularly clean, lube, and inspect chain for wear

The additional torque of an E-bike can result in accelerated chain wear, and a worn out chain will inevitably lead to increased wear on other drivetrain components. It’s easy to check a chain at home using the TL-CN42 . Replace the chain as necessary with one designed for E-bike use, and save yourself the money and headache of having to replace other drivetrain components more often.




2)   Regularly check brake pads and rotors 

It requires a bit more to slow down and stop an E-bike, so you’ll want to check the pads and rotors regularly. Visually inspect them for damage and wear. It’s also important to keep both rotors and calipers clean and free of debris. This will extend the life of both pads and rotors and allow for reliable, consistent braking.


3)   Maintain proper tire inflation 

Your tires are what connect you and the bike to the ground. They are supporting you and the additional weight of an E-Bike, so it’s vitally important to keep them properly inflated. Underinflated tires will feel less stable in corners, can lead to decreased battery life on your rides, and result in faster tire wear. The recommended PSI range will be printed on the tire sidewall, so be sure to double check tire pressure before each ride. After each ride, you’ll want to visually inspect the tire tread and sidewall for wear and damage. 


4)   Inspect the battery and connections

Many E-Bike batteries are mounted internally and are protected pretty well from impacts and grit, but you’ll still want to remove them occasionally to check connections and clean around them; this is best done with a damp cloth. If your battery is mounted externally, you might want to consider a cover, like the Pro STEPS Battery Cover .




5)   Update Firmware

STEPS drive units don’t require any user maintenance other than occasional firmware updates, and these can easily be completed via Bluetooth on your mobile device in the E-Tube App. However, if there any error messages that you are unable to clear or correct at home, we recommend taking it to your authorized dealer for diagnosis and service. 

Taking a few extra moments before and after rides to follow these simple tips will increase the longevity of your STEPS bike and keep your rides worry free. For Shimano Tune Up Guides, click here. If you’re uncomfortable performing any of this maintenance, please take your bike to your Shimano dealer or Shimano Service Center.