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26 April 2019 - Monterey, CA

BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Cross LTD

We caught up with Ryan Cleek, BMC Marketing Manager, at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA last week to discuss the AlpenChallenge AMP line including models equipped with STEPS e6100 and STEPS e8000.



Introduced at the end of 2018, BMC designed 3 lifestyle bikes all with a unique twist. Offering an Alpenchallenge AMP CROSS LTD, AMP City LTD and AMP SPORT LTD, each electric bike was spec’ed with a specific discipline in mind.




Why did BMC decide to spec Alpen Challenges with e8000 on some models and e6100 on others?

The sporty e8000 motor matched the intention we had with these models, in terms of industrial design, carbon frame material and ride feel. In Northern Europe, there is also a strong demand for high-end spec’d e-bikes and urban bikes. For example, XT components are a common sight even on traditional German-style trekking bikes. People use these bikes for a lot of varying reasons and want the best components to match. Lately, we’ve added models with the e6100 motor systems, as this motor comes very close to the performance and design language of the e8000. There is just the difference of 10Nm in max torque between the two, and the e6100 is even a bit quitter. For the coming year, we are extending the e6100 level offering the majority of the line and the e8000 on top of the line for specific flagship models.


What makes each model unique? Help consumers understand when they would want one model over the other.



City-Active: AlpenChallenge AMP City- Premium carbon chassis for the lightest-weight and most agile e-bike in its category. Integrated into the carbon frame, Micro Travel Tech delivers all-day comfort and maximum traction. Integrated lights and fenders deliver sleek and stylish safety features and functionality.




Sport: AlpenChallenge AMP Sport- embodies the feel of a pure-bred race bike with a premium carbon chassis. Extra comfort and a sporty ride courtesy of our Micro Travel Tech. Premium components and carbon frame deliver the lightest and most agile e-bike in the category.




All-Track: AlpenChallenge AMP Cross- Light and nimble premium carbon chassis delivers versatility and performance on any terrain. Micro Travel Tech is our dedicated, lightweight suspension system designed for the ultimate traction on a wide range of terrain. All-road wheelsets and mountain bike drivetrains for reliable performance from asphalt to gravel.


What drove BMC to design this? Did they see a demand in the market? Was this something that BMC had been planning for a while?

Carbon was chosen mostly for the freedom of design it brings when it comes to deliver the best integration. Lower weight was a nice consequence but not the primary goal for Trailfox and Speedfox AMPs. On the Alpenchallenge line, carbon was a weight decision.




What do you feel is the biggest misconception of e-bikes?

This depends where you live in this world. Europe is a more mature market and consumers are knowledgeable on e-bikes. Bikes have been a primary mode of individual transportation during the late 19thand early 20th centuries when the industrial revolution occurred, so e-bikes are a natural evolution of the social role of bikes in daily life. In USA it’s a different story, people switched from horses to cars without transition, so bikes are not perceived the same way, they are recreational vehicles for most. Therefore, e-bikes are not fully understood, they’re either cheater’s recreational vehicles or unpractical transport vehicles (compared to a car which is the cornerstone of American society).


Are there any other special projects we should know about on the electric side from BMC?

The AMP e-bike line is just getting started, so stay tuned!


Shimano STEPs Tour will have the Alpenchallenge AMP Cross LTD at all city events. Please check the STEPS demo calendar to try one near you