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12 August 2020

Building and Riding E-Mountain Bikes in Utah

The Shimano STEPS team recently visited Fezzari’s new office in Lindon, Utah. We toured the facility and caught up with Director of Product, Tyler Cloward, to find out more about the new space and Fezzari's STEPS E8000 and E7000-equipped Wire Peak E-MTB.

Fezzari Head quarters


Founded in 2005 by Chris Washburn, Fezzari quickly made a name for itself throughout the cycling community thanks to its direct-to-consumer sales, generous return policy, and stellar customer service. Starting out with just a few employees, Fezzari now has over 50 people working at the new office. The company boasts a broad spectrum of bikes that range from mountain bikes to road bikes and e-bikes. Using its 23 Point Custom Setup program, consumers can customize their bikes based on body dimension, riding style, and bike setup preferences.

Fezzari’s Director of Product, Tyler Cloward, has been with the company for over a decade. He leads product design and development and was part of the team that designed the Wire Peak E-MTB with Shimano STEPS E8000 and E7000 drive units. We chatted with Tyler about Fezzari's move to a bigger office, riding E-mountain bikes in Utah, and developing the Wire Peak.


What is your current role at Fezzari Bikes?

TC: My formal title is Director of Product, but internally we don't care much for job titles. I get to work on everything product, from design, product management, marketing, and sales. We are a smaller, close-knit team, so we get to dip our hands in a lot of things.


Office space Fezzari bikes


How has the transition to the new office been for you? How does it compare to the original office?

TC: The new office has been amazing. The added space allows us to spread everyone out and helps keep our employees safe and healthy during the current global situation. We have been able to expand our production capacity and warehouse efficiencies. The new showroom also allows us to show the full range of bikes better for those coming by to see the bikes in person. It offers a better customer experience, giving us room to grow and makes for a great place to work.


Fezzari warehouse


What is your favorite e-MTB ride in Utah?

TC: I love riding American Fork Canyon. There are rough, raw single track trails way up in the alpine. There are miles of trail options, and the views are tough to beat.


Mountain biking Utah


What is the biggest misconception about e-bikes?

TC: I think the biggest misconception is the lack of a workout. As a bigger guy, the difference of an e-bike for me is that I can go much farther on my rides. I get a very high cardio workout, but I’m doing this over 18-20 miles versus 6-9 on my after-work-ride. Having the assist, I don't shy away from a 1,600-foot climb over 1.5 miles like I would on the non-assisted bike. It allows me to ride more fun downhills over the course of the same time.




How long was the Wire Peak in development?

TC: The Wire Peak took about two years from the time we started working on it, to the first sales. We did a lot of e-bike test riding to ensure we had the geometry and suspension design done right. If there is a secret sauce to the Wire Peak, it's what we were able to accomplish with the geometry.


To learn more about the E8000 and E7000-equipped Wire Peak e-MTB, visit Fezzari’s site here: