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15 February 2021

Commencal META POWER with Shimano EP8

The Andorran family-owned brand unveil the EP8-equipped META POWER range

With a Commencal bike you know you are investing in 22 years of mountain-biking expertise and a deep passion for the sport. The brand has built a reputation for constructing high-quality bikes that are designed and tested in the mountainous playground on their doorstep: the Pyrenees.

So it is with great excitement that Commencal’s new range of META POWER bikes come fully empowered with our new EP8 e-bike system.

The Andorran bike experts aim to stick to the Commencal DNA in everything they do and everyone they partner with. This means constantly striving to build the most comfortable, efficient bikes that can tackle the steepest climbs and downhills all day long while providing a riding experience like no other.

The combination of our EP8 e-bike system with Commencal’s META results in a visually jaw-dropping machine that provides a light, agile and reactive ride that can take you anywhere on every type of trail.

It’s designed for fast, controlled downhills and the ability to tackle singletrack all day long while providing power to boost you up climb after climb. It’s a bike that will surprise and delight you, providing a more reactive and better controlled ride that supplies power when you need it most.

Just ask Kilian Bron. The legendary enduro rider from Annecy was lucky enough to test the bike in some of France’s most scenic and spectacular locations in this stunning video celebrating the Tour de France.

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Sweeping drone footage shows the Mountain of Hell winner pushing his META POWER to the limit while showing off his skills in iconic locations such as the Col d’Izoard, the striking satellite dishes of the Plateau de Bure observatory, a hair-raising ridge in Chamonix and in front of the famous Chateau de Chambord.

“Even on reflection, it’s still difficult to imagine how France is full of these extraordinary places,” said Bron. “We left to bring back beautiful images but above all we have unforgettable experiences and moments in life.”

Commencal META Power
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