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25 June 2020

Escape the Crowds with Shimano STEPS

How e-bikes can take us farther

Bikes are all about having fun. They're freeing and exciting and can take us to new places far from home. Whether you learned to ride as a kid or are just coming into cycling, bikes offer that wind-in-you-face kind of fun that's hard to beat. With e-bikes like a Shimano STEPS bike, we can take our rides farther, explore deeper into the unknown, and accelerate the fun with every spin. E-bikes can also help us break free from the crowds.


Shimano STEPS eMTB


With city bike paths and trailheads even more packed with both new users and regular riders these days, e-bikes provide a unique opportunity to bypass these busy locations or escape the usual routine. For some of us, this might be as simple as riding to a trail from home instead of driving. Trailhead parking lots often become gathering places for riders to plan the day’s ride or to toast their efforts afterward. To help maintain social distancing precautions, try parking farther away than normal or ride from home. Your e-bike can help you conserve energy on the ride to and from the trail, so you're ready for when the fun really begins.


Shimano STEPS eGravel Bike


E-bikes can also take us farther into more remote riding areas. They help us escape the hustle and bustle of busy roads and trails while opening up new routes into uncharted places that other riders might avoid. Shimano STEPS e-bikes deliver an average range of 60 miles when used in ECO mode, so you can get out beyond your typical rides with the confidence that STEPS will help you make it back home.     


Santa Cruz Heckler Shimano STEPS


For tackling a range of riding conditions, Shimano STEPS e-bikes feature multiple pedal-assist modes so you can dial in your level of assist depending on the terrain or how far out you want to go. You can even turn the assistance off if you want to increase your workout or save battery life. Shimano STEPS e-bikes feel natural and pedal well even in every mode, so you can turn it on and off or switch between modes to suit your ride goals.


Shimano STEPS motor


Whether you’re a mountain biker seeking solitude on the trails or a road rider looking to expand your regular routes, Shimano STEPS e-bikes deliver the perfect boost when you need it. Skip the busy trailheads and avoid crowded bike paths with a little assistance from STEPS. You can ride farther, push yourself longer, and most importantly, boost the fun with Shimano STEPS.


Shimano STEPS e-Gravel Bike


Check that your local trail system or bike paths allow e-bike before hitting the road or trail. If you want to get involved in e-bike advocacy and work toward improved access, visit People for Bikes to learn how you can help.