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19 December 2018 - Charleston, South Carolina

Explore New Grounds: Charleston

East Coast STEPS Demo Driver Adam Kidd explores Charleston, South Carolina on board an e-bike.

Founded in the late 1600s and located on South Carolina’s coast, Charleston is a popular tourist destination known for its rich history, architecture, and award winning restaurants. It’s narrow picturesque streets are easy to navigate, and it’s flat. Very flat.

Charleston doesn’t have an extensive cycling infrastructure when compared to cities of similar size, but it makes up for that with its eclectic charm. Our East Coast Demo Coordinator, Adam Kidd, recently spent an afternoon exploring the Holy City on the Shimano STEPS equipped Opus WKND e-bike. Here’s a quick recap of his day out on the ebike. 




I started at The Battery overlooking the Charleston Harbor. After riding past the antebellum homes of East Bay Street and the colorful Rainbow Row, I arrived at Waterfront Park, a popular place along the Cooper River for tourists to take photos and locals to enjoy their afternoon lunch on a park bench or beside one of the fountains.




Then I headed toward Market Street, a popular tourist area to shop for Lowcountry souvenirs or jump on one of the many carriage tours.




After cruising down Market Street, I made my way towards Meeting Street. This is where I really appreciated the added power of the STEPS e6000 Drive Unit. I was able to accelerate onto one of the busiest streets in Charleston and maintain speed with little effort. I turned onto Calhoun at Marion Square and was able to quickly get back up to speed. I rode amongst College of Charleston and MUSC students, many who could also benefit from the assistance of an ebike, making their way to class and decided it was time for lunch.

Gnome Café is a bright and refreshing eatery located next to MUSC and offers a variety of plant based fare for breakfast and lunch. They also offer excellent coffee and desserts. I enjoyed my lunch and took the opportunity to answer a few emails.




I left Gnome and rode up and down the peninsula transitioning between the three different STEPS power assist modes - Eco, Normal and High. Thanks to the flat terrain, Eco mode offered more than enough assistance in most situations, but Normal and High proved beneficial on busier streets, in headwinds, and when accelerating from stop lights. The pedal assist even helped maintain power and control over cobblestone streets.




I made my way toward upper King and decided to end the day at the newly developed “brewery district.” I stopped at one of the most recent additions to the peninsula, Tradesman Brewing Co. The brewery originally opened on nearby James Island in 2014 but recently expanded and relocated downtown. Tradesman has always been supportive of cycling and often hosts group rides and cycling events. With several different beers on tap, it is the perfect place to end a bike ride.




I’m looking forward to exploring more cities on this e-bike as I travel with the Shimano STEPs van and hope to run into some of you on the road!