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26 September 2018 - Mammoth Lakes, CA

Explore New Grounds: Mammoth Mountain

Team Shimano heads to Mammoth Lakes, CA as they continue their journey on finding the most epic places to ride their e8000 powered e-MTB’s. With endless trails and activities, Mammoth Lakes is fun for all ages.

Founded in 1953, Mammoth Mountain is both a ski and mountain bike destination. With over 80 miles of single-track on 3,500 acres, mountain bikers of all levels can enjoy this mountain bike mecca. It’s also home to the Kamikaze Games, originally focused on downhill, but now includes a kids race, enduro race, downhill race, and even an e-MTB enduro!

“Our goal with allowing Class1 pedal assist e-bikes in Mammoth Bike park was to allow more people the opportunity to explore more of what the mountain has to offer,” Says Gabriel Taylor of Mammoth Bike Park.


Mammoth Lakes, California

A hub for all things outdoors, Mammoth Lakes is a must see for campers, hikers, skiers, cyclists, or nature enthusiasts. Within close proximity to June Lake, Southern Mono County, and Yosemite, you could spend weeks getting lost in the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.


Located on Main Street, Black Velvet Coffee is home of strong, delicious roasts. If you like a place that doesn’t mess around with their brew, Black Velvet is it. You can even buy a bag and bring it home to feel like you’re back in the mountains.




The Stove Country Cookin’ is a local’s favorite for all things breakfast. Get your morning fix with their famous skillets, or their French toast if you enjoy the sweeter side of things. You can also bring home some of their delicious homemade pies for your evening sweet tooth.




The Mammoth Brewering Company Tasting Room is a great place to unwind for a craft beer and some delicious food after a long day on the mountain. Mammoth Brewing prides themselves on their beers made right in the Eastern Sierras only using the best alpine water.


Photo Courtesy of @MammothBrewing


Don’t discount road cycling here, there are magical views to be seen by both road and mountain bike. The Lake Basin Bike Path is a safe place for city or road style bikes, including those with e6100 assist. 


Mammoth Bike Park

While Mammoth Mountain may be more well known for it's downhill and enduro trails, there is an extensive network of Cross-Country trails making Mammoth a world-class, pedal-friendly park. With an e-MTB you can spend all day enjoying the trails and views without your legs feeling too tired. 


Mammoth Map


With trails for all levels, you can either choose to pedal up with the assistance of your e8000 assisted e-mtb, or take the gondola if your legs are feeling a bit tired from the elevation. 




There is a skills section for new riders who want to work on conquering new features in a safe environment.




The park has exciting elements like wall rides and bridges for the intermediate to advanced riders.




If you can whip your mountain bike, you can whip your e-mtb




We just began to scratch this surface on our visit. We’ll be back for more e-powered adventures soon!