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03 September 2019

Explore New Grounds: Overlanding with an e-Bike

Stay off the beaten path and explore what the outdoors has to offer with a Shimano STEPS equipped electric bike.

Overlanding can trace its roots back to Australia where long routes through the Outback were used for intercontinental trade. Initially these routes were traveled by horseback, and as travel became more modernized with the use of automobiles and motorcycles, its practice also became more recreational. Overlanding is still a relatively new trend in the US, but it is exploding in popularity.




If you’re aren’t familiar with overlanding, it’s essentially vehicular camping where exploration and the journey to remote locations are emphasized more than the destination. Overland vehicles are equipped with pop-up tents and everything one would need to be self-sufficient in the field, but once camp is set up, then what? Does the exploration and adventure stop? 




This is where e-bikes are coming into play. An e-bike allows you to keep exploring without packing up camp. It can go places your vehicle can’t, and it can get you through the often rougher terrain with less fatigue thanks to the assistance of the Shimano STEPS motor. They are lighter than a motorcycle and can conveniently be re-charged in little time using solar power which can be set up at camp. However, thanks to the longevity of the motor, you can easily get 50+ miles in most terrain on a single charge. With the battery at just six pounds, you also have the option to pack an additional and switch out trail side if you have a big route planned for the day. 




Even though the goal is to get out into the wilderness and be self-sufficient, a trip to town might be necessary to get additional supplies. Fortunately, there are a number of Shimano STEPS equipped cargo bikes that can be customized with racks and panniers making the transport much easier. A trailer could even be added for extra cargo, kids, or your pets. Many models even have integrated front and rear lights that are powered directly from the STEPS battery.




Stay off-the-beaten-path and explore what the outdoors has to offer. STEPS bike has roughly the same impact as a traditional mountain bike, so you can be sure your impact is low and you’ll be treading lightly. Explore what the outdoors has to offer and prep for your next overland adventure with a STEPs e-bike!