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30 October 2018 - Santa Monica, California

Explore New Grounds: Santa Monica with Cero Bikes

Team Shimano heads to Santa Monica, CA to tour the showroom of e-cargo bike company, Cero and explore the Southern California coast.

A Trip to the Cero Headquarters

Team Shimano took a trip to Santa Monica, California to tour the showroom of e-bike company, Cero, and learn more about their unique cargo system featuring a Shimano STEPS E6000 drive unit paired with a STEPS E8000 battery for exended range, built around a 20" and 26" wheel combination. 




Launched in 2017, Cero started with Kiyoshi Iwai’s, Cero CEO, desire to address the traffic issue in Los Angeles. An environmentalist at heart, Iwai wanted to create a product that would not only cut traffic down, but also work towards a better future.



“As a new company it was important for us to partner with a long-established company that could have a big network of service support around the United States. Shimano was just a natural fit for our intentions with this electric cargo bike. The STEPS E6000 motor was just the right amount of power and torque for a city bike that is mostly going to be ridden at mid-level speeds and we were lucky enough to have the ability to pair the STEPS E8000 battery with the STEPS E6000 drive unit because that gives us some incredible range that still impresses a lot of customers and is something that not a lot of our competitors can match.”

Chief Operating Officer, Felipe Dominguez, shared some insight into Cero's choice to build their Cargo bike around the Shimano STEPS system.



Felipe Dominguez, Chief Operating Officer, and Sawako Iwai, Co-Founder, pose with the Cero One


Cero displays their products from their Santa Monica showroom, where customers can check out their four different color options along with the variety of cargo configurations Cero offcers. The Cero Showroom also allows the public to rent and test out any of their e-cargo bikes for free. 



“The 20- and 26-inch wheel size combination is a classic design modeled after European delivery bikes. The smaller wheel in the front allows a lower center of gravity on the cargo area, leading to more stability as you load it with weight. Since the racks are lower to the ground, you get a little more room from the bottom of the cargo area to the top. With the smaller wheel you get more nimble handling as well as better stopping power paired with the large disc brakes in the front”



Testing the Bikes


In order to really get a feel for the Cero One, we joined Felipe for a quick trip to downtown Santa Monica for lunch and some sight seeing. The Santa Monica pier is a quick 4 mile ride from the Cero headquarters. With typical Los Angeles traffic this short ride can still close to 30 minutes in a car.





Luckily, there is a beautiful protected bike lane that runs directly from the Cero office to downtown Santa Monica, along the Metro Rail line. The city has been actively working towards promoting alternative transportation.



Before checking out the city, we stopped for a quick lunch and enjoyed the beautiful California weather. 



On the way to the Pier, we stopped by to check out the Farmer's Market, which takes place every Wednesday and Saturday in downtown Santa Monica. The Cero e-bike is a perfect vehicle for Farmer's Market or grocery store trips, with the different cargo configurations to help carry your items. 




After checking out the fresh flowers, produce and baked goods at the Farmer's Market we made our way across the street and over to the coast to check out the views. 



Palm Trees and Clear Skies 

There is a bike lane that runs along the Coast that drops you right off at the Santa Monica Pier, a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.




Our Cero E-Bikes were a great way to explore a new city like Santa Monica. 




We encourage you to get your free test ride with Cero and test out an e-cargo bike! Ditching your car becomes easy with a tool like this. Starting at $3,399, the Cero is one of the most budget-friendly e-cargo bikes available in the United States today.