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10 April 2018

Go Further Than Ever with Shimano STEPS

Meet the intelligent, silent and simple Shimano STEPS system. Shimano STEPS has the power to take you places. But rather than pedaling for you, the STEPS system responds with power when you need it most, delivering more energy to every pedal stroke.

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The sleek and easy to read Shimano STEPS bar-mounted cycling computer display tells you everything you need to know for a successful outing. Computer functions include speed, distance, trip time, clock, gear, estimated range as well as your battery indication.



Easily switch between the 3 Shimano STEPS Power Assist Modes.




3 Power Assist Modes

Shimano STEPS E6000 features a smooth, silent motor packed in a compact, lightweight design for a sleek look and supreme riding performance. Shimano STEPS is there to power your ride with three different levels of power assist, providing a smooth and natural riding experience.

Please note - mile ranges are dependent on rider weight and riding conditions. 

Eco Mode

93 Mile Range

Enjoy a range up to 93 miles on a full charge. Think of it as your electric tailwind, there to help you out along the way.  


Normal Mode

62 Mile Range

Push past your limits and boundaries. Places that were a car trip away can now be a fun ride bike away. 


High Mode

44 Mile Range

Hills suddenly feel flat and your smile gets wider. 



The Power To Get You There

Supporting up to 93 miles on a single charge, the Shimano STEPS high quality Li-Ion battery features a large battery capacity to take you were you need to go. The battery can be 80% charged in about 2 hours, and completely charged in about 4 hours to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Even through 1,000 charge cycles you won’t experience a significant power loss.