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16 December 2019

How to Store your E-Bike for the Winter

Has winter started where you live and is riding done for a while? Here are a few tips to store your bike safely over the winter and ensure it is ready to go when the snow melts!

Felt bike


Our Shimano STEPS dealers get one question more than any other during fall months leading into the winter months; how do I store my e-bike safely? Below are some tips to make sure you keep your bike and battery safe so you can enjoy them when spring arrives. 


Shimano Van Caught in the Snow


Step One- Wash it completely. 


Make sure to thoroughly wash and inspect your bike, checking for loose bolts, replace worn out drivetrain components, make sure tires are pumped up to recommended pressures, chain is lubed and anything else that may need attention. 

If you are not comfortable replacing items, we suggest taking it to your local Shimano authorized dealer for an annual service. That way when spring hits your bike is good to go for the trails and you won’t have to take it in for any last minute adjustments. 


Shimano XT Crassest Bike


Step Two- Charge your bike to 100%.


 The Shimano guidelines for storing your electric bike in the winter is to maintain 70% or higher for a healthy battery. Ideally, the best way to store your bike for winter is inside your home or apartment, out of the harsh winter environment. If this isn’t possible, the next best option is removing the battery and display unit, if applicable, and storing them indoors. The ideal temperature for storing your battery inside is between 30-80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

As an additional precaution, wrap the battery mount with a plastic bag or a cover to keep it protected from the elements.

As winter melts and the days get warmer, unwrap the battery mount to make sure it is free of moisture, dirt or debris and pop the battery back into place. From there, you should be ready to get back outside and rolling on two wheels!


Shimano Steps bike battery