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20 September 2019

Hurricane Dorian Leaves Trails Impassable

Jeff Slotkin, shop manager of The Charleston Bicycle Company, uses the STEPS powered Cero one to clean up debris post Hurricane Dorian



The Cero One is great for shopping and utility needs. It's also great for hot and humid commutes, long mixed-surface rides, rehabilitation, and even a friendly pace line ride. With a stout front basket, low stand over, and highly-adjustable cockpit, utility is assured. The small front wheel and low-trail specs allow just about any load up front. The handling is neutral and precise, even on loose surfaces.




It’s the perfect bike to help clean up the West Ashley Greenway in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. Fortunately, the storm dealt the Low country a fairly glancing blow in retrospect, but downed enough trees that all local trails were impassable. The Greenway runs just behind the Charleston Bicycle Company is frequently used by cyclists, joggers, and families. Shop manager Jeff Slotkin saw an opportunity to at least make the greenway passable for the hundreds that use and depend on it for safer commuting every day.




Cero sells a large matching rear rack along with many other accessories, but Jeff didn't have one on hand, so he hooked up his trusty BOB trailer. It's a safer and more convenient place to grab a chainsaw than the front basket. The front basket was perfect to store additional tools, fuel, and water. It was quite hot while cutting, and STEPS E6000 provided a tremendous amount of help cooling down between stops and offered enough power to haul the increased weight with no added effort.




After a few days of work on board the Cero, the greenway still needed some love but were at least passable. Other volunteers helped with the remaining debris. Locals mobilized quicker than could have been possible for busy city crews with other priorities, and provided a reminder of how well a common goal can quickly bring a community together. The same happened at local trails, which all have much greater tree density than the Greenway, where a local mountain bike club, The Lowcountry Fat Tire Freaks, cancelled group rides in an effort to clear trails in the area. 




Thank you to Jeff and all other volunteers for your work in cleaning up after Dorian hit. Now everyone is back to riding!