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05 March 2019 - Colorado

Meet the STEPS Team: Robert Plumb

Robert Plumb is the STEPS Central Demo Driver - his job entails driving around the Central US States, including Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, Montana, and more attending events and sharing the experience of Shimano STEPS.

The Shimano STEPS demo team is made up of three drivers covering all of the North America. The team will be traveling throughout North America to key events so consumers can test ride both our Shimano STEPS E-MTB and E-City electric bike systems. 

We sat down with Robert, our Central States Demo Driver, for a little Q&A to learn more about him.



Where are you from, where are you based out of?

o   Born and Raised in Anaheim California. I will be based out of Boulder, Colorado for the STEPS tour.

What do you like about being a Shimano STEPs demo driver?

  • Getting people Stoked on bikes, seeing people ride a bike that can’t due to injuries or some other factor and seeing the joy and excitement when they come back. Experiencing new parts of the country and interacting with everyone I come in contact with

Any fun facts you’d like to mention about yourself?

  • Aside from bikes photography is a passion of mine.  

How did you get started in the bike industry and when?

  • I was actually in the Motorcycle industry before bikes, When the recession hit I was laid off and applied at a bike shop in Fullerton CA. Went from sales, to mechanic to service manager.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen out on the trail?

  • Once I was riding Singletrack in Aliso Woods and had a Mountain lion dart between the wheels of a buddy and I.


STEPS Plumb 4


Favorite Place to Ride?

  • Salida, Colorado. Monarch Crest trail. High altitude, Pristine beauty, and amazing singletrack

Favorite Food?

  • Chicken and veggie bowl

Favorite professional sports team?

  • Anaheim Ducks

Favorite place to ride a STEPS city bike?

  • Fort Collins Colorado. Just a rad town that is cycling friendly

How do you like your coffee?

  • Iced Mocha from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf  

Favorite movie?

  • RAD, a BMX movie from the 80’s

Favorite Breakfast Cereal?

  • Honey Nut Cheerios


STEPS Robert Plumb


Childhood nickname?

  • Plumb. Still holds true today

What are three things that are still on your lifetime bucket list?

  • I really want to Ski B.A.S.E, Travel to New Zealand to Mountain BIke, Travel to Swiss Alps to Ski, Travel to Italy to take photos

Cats or dogs?

  • Dogs.

Favorite Dessert food? 

  • Ice Cream Sundae

Podcasts or music?

  • 50/50 Vital MTB Podcast or Joe Rogan for podcast and Spotify Mix for music

Favorite candy?

  • Sour Patch Kids Watermelon