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31 July 2020

Riding Oregon's Best E-Bike Trails

Oakridge, Oregon delivers the ultimate backcountry e-bike experience.

Oregon's Oakridge


Two and half hours southeast of Portland lies some of Oregon’s most primitive single track in the Cascade Mountains. Originally a logging town, Oakridge has transitioned into an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise with hundreds of miles of singletrack ranging from beginner rides to steep and technical trails. Over the past five years, the town has built its reputation as a premier riding destination. With the addition of the Mountain Bike Oregon Festival, it's earned its name as the best mountain biking in Oregon. 


Oakridge Trail


The trails in this area create Oregon's ultimate backcountry experience. The descents are long and often require a shuttle depending on a rider’s fitness level. With the vast size of the region and the many miles of singletrack, Oakridge is the perfect place for e-bikes. Where a 35-mile route was once a daunting undertaking, it’s now a norm in this wild region.  


Trans Cascadia


The Trans-Cascadia team has been exploring the Cascades for years and has set up a new shop just three miles west of Oakridge in a town called Westfir, where the infamous Alpine trail finishes. The new Trans-Cascadia Excursions base camp offers local shuttles, private trips, single-day, and multi-day adventures throughout the surrounding Cascade Mountains. 


Oregan Oakridge


The Excursions location is the perfect place to meet the local riders, gain trail knowledge, and hang out pre- or post-ride. It offers a place to camp, an outdoor shower, and other accommodations to make the ride trip go smoothly. For e-MTB riders, Trans-Cascadia Excursions is also looking for ways to incorporate a charging station out in the mountains, which would allow riders to extend their backcountry experience.  


Shimano 12-speed


Once you're out in the Oakridge and Westfir region, trails are abundant. But two trails stand out as must-hit sections of singletrack that showcase the world-class Cascade riding.

The most iconic trail in this region is the Alpine Trail. It’s one of the most popular trails in the Pacific Northwest and provides the true Cascade Mountains riding experience. This 20-mile trail descends 5,000 feet and is classified intermediate because of the variety of riding characteristics. It's recommended that riders take service road #1912 on the way up, which offers three separate start points at different sections of the Alpine Trail. These options will vary between 4,000 and 6,000 feet of climbing, depending on which entry point you select.




Another classic ride out of Oakridge is the Lawyer Trail. This backcountry singletrack features steep shoots and shale sections that keep riders on their toes and is a little more complicated than the Alpine Trail. The Lawyer Trail is best accessed by service road #5840, and riders should expect to climb approximately 4,000 feet.


Moss on the tree


Oregon’s Oakridge and Westfir region is one of the best e-MTB destinations in the country. Tucked away in the Cascade Mountains, the backcountry network delivers hundreds of miles of pristine single track for riders of all kinds. And now, with Trans-Cascadia Excursions located amongst these trails, riders have a fun place to hang out and get familiar with the terrain and the trails.