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11 January 2019 - Ocala, Florida

Santos Trail Work Day

Shimano STEPS East Coast Demo Driver Adam joins the Ocala Mountain Bike Association's (OMBA) January work day at the Santos Trail System.

By: Adam Kidd // Shimano STEPS East Coast Demo Driver

As mountain bikers, we wouldn’t be able to ride and enjoy the trails, if it weren’t for the hard work of trail builders and the organizations that maintain them. Whether you ride XC, downhill, enduro, or an e-bike, trail maintenance is an inescapable truth of our sport. I’m fortunate that I can ride many different places while performing Shimano STEPS e-bike demos, so I consider it a privilege when I have the opportunity to help these organizations on their workdays.

I was recently in Ocala, Florida to sponsor the Ocala Mountain Bike Association’s (OMBA) January work day at the Santos Trail System. If you aren’t familiar with Santos, it’s an IMBA Bronze level ride center and offers more than 80 miles of trails for various types of riders and skill levels. There is even a pump track and skills section at the trailhead. OMBA also hosts the Santos Fat Tire Festival every March. This free weekend long event has become the largest mountain bike festival in the Southeast complete with demos and clinics.

In preparation for the Fat Tire Festival, the goal for the day was to rebuild the pump track. After some coffee and introductions, we were at work destructing the existing track.




Once that was complete, we added material and started reshaping.




We mixed in limestone dust, and got to work packing it down.










Thanks to the nearly 20 volunteers, it was ready to ride in about four hours.




With a few hours of daylight left, I was able to set up some of the volunteers and anyone else riding the trails that day with our Shimano STEPS Demo bikes. With Santos only recently allowing e-bikes, I was stoked to set up and talk about the many advantages an e-bike can provide.