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15 April 2019 - Monterey, CA

Shimano STEPS at the 2019 Sea Otter Classic

The Shimano Team took a lap around Sea Otter Classic to chat with our partners and see who was showcasing their STEPS equipped e-bikes. Take a peek at some of the models below and see what each company says they're best suited for.

Felt RedemptionE

Felt RedemptionE


"Equipped with the Shimano STEPS e8000 drive unit and the 8020 internal battery, this bike is meant for rock gobbling." - Ash Murrin


Pivot Shuttle

Pivot Shuttle


"The Pivot shuttle is essentially our Mach 5.5 trail all mountain bike with a Shimano STEPS e8000 motor stuffed into it; this bike fits a lot of purposes for a lot of different people. It’s 150mm fork and 140mm rear end, running Fox Elite shocks front and rear, a XT Di2 build kit including the 4 piston XT brakes." - Damon Williams


BMC Trail Fox AMP SX

BMC Trail Fox


"The BMC Trail Fox AMP SX is a 650b bike with 150mm rear travel, 170mm front, powerful 4 piston XT brakes, XT drivetrain, and the Shimano STEPS e8000 drive unit which works excellent in this application; essentially designed as an aggressive all mountain bike." - Ryan Cleek


BMC Speed Fox AMP

BMC Speed Fox


"The Speed Fox AMP is a 130mm front and rear and 29inch wheels utilizing the Shimano STEPS e8000 drive unit and DEORE 4 Piston brakes." - Ryan Cleek


Intense Tazer

Intense Tazer


"The Tazer has a few unique features such as the staggered wheel size and frame with a trap door for an easily removal battery so you can carry a spare in your pack to change on the trail. Spec’ed with the Shimano STEPS e8000 system and complete Shimano drive system and brakes." - Jeff Steber


YT Decoy

YT decoy


"We’ve spec’ed our Decoy with the Shimano STEPS e8000 motor, our bike is classified under the e-Enduro class. The Pro Race comes spec’ed with a XT Di2, 36 Grip 2 and a FOX Float Factory X2 shock. It’s a 29er with a 160mm travel and definitely intended for some abuse and extreme riding." - Jeff Nicholas