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11 March 2020

South Mountain Park and Preserve

Located just a few miles south of Downtown Phoenix is South Mountain, a 16,000-acre Park/Preserve where thousands of residents and visitors go to enjoy technical riding trails and where Pivot was inspired to design its ultra-capable e-bike, the Pivot Shuttle.

Shimano STESP Pivot Shuttle
At the top of Two peaks on the Mormon trails overlooking Downtown Phoenix.


Located Just a few miles south of Downtown Phoenix is South Mountain, a 16,000-acre Park/Preserve. Within the park are three mountain ranges: the MA HA Tauk, Guadalupe and Gila. The park is one of the largest Municipal parks in the world; open to 50+ miles of E-mountain bike, mountain bike, horse back and hiking trails. 

I chose the Pivot Shuttle outfitted with Shimano Steps E8000 drive system paired to Shimano XT drivetrain. This was the obvious choice as this bike was developed here with Pivots headquarters just down the road and built to handle the rocky technical terrain found here. 



Many people make their way to South Mountain to test their skills on the rocks and the technical terrain the mountain has to offer. With 7 green trails, 45 blue trails, 19 black trails and 13 Double black trails, there is something to challenge everyone. The mountain is home to large rocks, single track, rock climbs with endless line options, off camber turns and plenty of cacti. Once you get to the top you are treated to a beautiful view of Phoenix, Scottsdale and the surrounding communities. 


The bottom of National Trail. One of the most popular trails in the park for its technical downhill as well as length as its 7 mile length.




The entrance of South Mountain has a clearly marked map as well as signage to the multiple entry points to the park to make navigating easy and worry free.


The famous waterfall section. Many try to clear this and only a handful succeed. At the top two riders discuss different lines to try and tackle the challenge the rocks present.