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20 May 2019 - White Springs, FL

Suwanee Bike Ride

Shimano STEPS Demo Driver Adam Kidd experiences his first e-MTB race at the annual Ididaride hosted by the Suwannee Bicycles Association.

The number one question asked at Shimano STEPS demo events is, “how far can you ride in a single charge?” This is relative, as terrain, rider weight, assist level, elevation, and weather conditions can all play a factor in the answer. Experience is usually the best way to communicate how capable the STEPs system is, so the Shimano Team tries to ride at every legal location we stop. These rides can either be long or short, and the STEPS team has yet to push a dead bike up a hill. The longest one of the STEPs members have reached to date was a big ride in the Lost Sierra with The Sierra Trail Stewardship, climbing over 6,500 and riding almost 40 miles with the last bar of the battery left while coming back home.




The last stop of the Shimano STEPS team was Florida, and White Springs just happened to be around the corner hosting the annual Ididaride. This event, hosted by the Suwannee Bicycles Association for the past 25 years, meanders through woodlands along the Suwannee River. The majority of the route is technical single-track and fire roads with minimal pavement. To make things more interesting, there’s loose sand, short steep climbs, and no shortage of roots. The ride is certainly a challenge, but well supported and tons of fun.




Unclear of what the day would be like, STEPs East Coast driver, Adam Kidd, packed an additional battery for the ride. Being a team player, he also packed in lots of extra tubes and tires (shout out to Josh at Quicklink Cycling Solutions for providing) to act as an additional support rider for participants.




The ride began as all do, lots of jitters and excitement at the starting gate. Adam began with assistance off for the first few miles. The route begins on a road and the Felt Redemption-e pedals so well without assistance, it wasn’t necessary yet. Once the terrain began to increase in difficulty, Adam flipped it into Eco Mode and kept it there for the majority of the ride. Just the added assistance of Eco was enough to power over the difficult roots and through the loose sand that many riders struggle with. With 35 miles in, there was still more than 60% charge left on the STEPS battery. With more than half the ride done at this point, Adam began to toggle through Trail and Boost to have a little more fun.




At the end of the day, the Felt Redemption-E was ridden 52.2 miles, and the STEPS battery still had 2 bars left! It’s safe to say STEPS e-bikes can easily reach 60 miles while used on Eco mode, and if ridden conservatively you can probably exceed this!



Have you gone on an adventure with your Shimano STEPS equipped e-bike? Be sure to tag us on Instagram @ShimanoEBike or use #ShimanoSTEPS!