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27 April 2018

Trans-Cascadia Trail Work E-MTB

A purpose-built Sycip E-MTB specially designed by the MODUS Sport Group for their trail work efforts leading up to the Trans-Cascadia Enduro.

Trail work is no easy job, but someone has to do it. 

The MODUS Sport Group first introduced Trans-Cascadia in 2015 in an effort to combine both trail advocacy and backcountry mountain bike racing in the Pacific Northwest. One of the primary goals of Trans-Cascadia is to share the unique trail system and backcountry feel of the Pacific Northwest Cascadia region. Trail advocacy is a very important value for MODUS so in preparation for the event each year the group hosts various Trail Build Events, or Build Parties, as they like to call it. A group of local volunteers, trail builders, and MODUS along with the Forest Service set out each summer to maintain and build sustainable trails for Trans-Cascadia. This involves clearning fallen trees, building berms, and rock armoring chutes. 

This type of trail work usually requires the trail builders to haul heavy equipment up and down the rugged and wooded terrain. The introduction of the Shimano STEPS E-8000 inspired the team at MODUS with the idea to build Trail Build e-MTB specifically for Trans-Cascadia to help lighten the load and allow them to work more efficiently on the trail, taking the weight off their biacks and moving it onto their bikes. 


MODUS worked closely with Jeremy Sycip of SyCip Designs on these unique Trail Builder e-MTB, designing them to carry a heavy load and very specific tools while also being capable to attack the rugged terrain of the Pacific Northwest. 


The bike features three racks to carry MSR fuel bottles.  


Shimano DEORE XT brakes provide reliable stopping power for the added weight on the bikes. 


SyCip Designs, based out of Sonoma County, has been building custom and speciality bikes since 1992.


The powerful Shimano STEPS E-8000 Motor is protected by it's own custom built 'bash guard.' At just 6.2lbs, it's one of the lightest motors on the market. 


The ulta-durable, high-capacity Shimano STEPS E-8000 battery supports travel up to 62 miles on a single charge. 


The SyCip "lucky" penny. The signature seat stays are capped with one final touch unique to SyCip, a lucky penny on each side. 


Since the MODUS crew and their group of volunteers sometimes venture far into the backcountry or on multi-day expeditions, the bike is also equipped with a third fuel attachment and spare battery holder on the rear cargo rack.


Custom racks designed to take the chainsaw off their backpack and onto the bikes. 


We look forward to getting these out on the trails and getting preparations ready for the 2018 Trans-Cascadia! Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram for more. 


Photography by Trevor Lyden