30 October 2017

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with STEPS MTB

SHIMANO STEPS MTB gives you the freedom to join friends and family in breaking boundaries and exploring new trails.

There’s only one thing better than an epic MTB ride: an epic MTB ride that is shared with friends or family. SHIMANO STEPS MTB power-assist system makes it possible for everyone to ride together regardless of age, strength, skill or endurance level.


SHIMANO STEPS MTB brings out the adventurer in all of us. It allows us to experience freedom like never before. This intelligent, silent, easy-to-use system is super light and specifically designed for mountain bikes to provide the most natural feeling on the trails. Adding to that natural feel is its stable assist power output regulated by cadence.

It can also improve your skills on the bike. It handles corners quickly and confidently, turns technical sections into child’s play, makes getting the front end up to clear obstacles a breeze, and climbs like a dream.



STEPS MTB caters to everyone’s needs while delivering the ultimate in performance and reliability. Thanks to its large battery capacity, you can now explore further and longer. Go ahead and hit the trails for hours, taking on those steep winding technical single track climbs. At the end of the day, you’ll come home feeling energized.

Now imagine sharing that amazing adventure with your friends and loved ones. When passions are shared, it intensifies the experience while bringing people closer together. Relationships are strengthened.


This first video is of a father and son out on one of their frequent rides together. The son is on his regular bike while his dad opts for a mountain bike equipped with STEPS MTB. With the help of this system, their playing field is levelled to the point where they can ride at a pace that pleases them both. This allows them to spend quality time together, enjoying their shared hobby. They win hours of bonding time they would not have had otherwise. Also thanks to STEPS MTB, dad periodically enjoys taking the opportunity to tease his son by battling him for the lead on some trails.


The second video is of two friends playing on their new favorite trails they’ve recently discovered since switching to mountain bikes equipped with STEPS MTB. Their rides are now electrified, bringing their enjoyment up a few notches. They frequently explore new territory, while challenging themselves and each other on a whole new level. And if they hit a stretch of trail that is simply impossible to ride, the system’s “boost function” is there to support them. Naturally they always take the long way home. The stories they bring home after every ride are just as electrifying as the adventures themselves!  

With SHIMANO STEPS MTB, all boundaries and personal limitations fade away so you experience ultimate freedom - alone, or better yet with friends and family.