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08 May 2020

Learn which STEPS system is right for you

STEPS offers four different e-bike systems, all tuned for your unique riding style. Learn more about which system is right for you and how to tune it to better fit your needs.

Shimano STEPS offers different E-Bike Systems to fit your needs and riding style. They are also configurable to your preferences, so you can mix and match components to create the perfect cockpit. Riders can choose what assist switch and display is best for them, but with multiple options, it might be difficult to choose which you’d prefer. This might help you decide what options are best for you.




STEPS offers 4 options for switching power levels. The first is the SW-E6000, which in addition to assist levels and walk assist, features the third A button allowing you to scroll through the menu settings on your display. The SW-E6010 is similar but offers a sleeker look, ergonomic feel, and a tactile click when switching modes. It also features an A button allowing you to scroll through menu settings without removing your hand from the switch. These are found mostly on city and commuter bikes, but are still compatible with the E-Mountain Bike systems. 


Shimano SW-E6010
Shimano STEPS SW-E6010


The SW-E7000 switch is ergonomic, has a texturized feel, and has two large buttons that allow the rider to easily switch modes. The overall size is quite small and it sits close to the bar, so it integrates neatly with SLX, XT, and XTR brake levers (7100, 8100, and 9100) by sitting between the clamp band and the brake lever’s second contact point. The SW-E8000 switch features the FIREBOLT lever design which creates an ergonomic position for mountain biking and a vivid click. Unlike the other switches, the X and Y buttons on the SW-E8000 hang below the bar and are adjustable side to side with just a 2mm Allen key. Both of these options feature only two buttons, so computer operation will have to be done on the computer itself via the A button.


Shimano SW-E7000
Shimano STEPS SW-E7000


The STEPS computers also offer some configurability to suit the rider’s needs. 

The first computer option is the SC-E6100. It’s the largest display and is geared more towards commuters. You can power on and off the bike from the computer itself, it also has ability to power on and off lights in one touch. The computer is mounted above the stem, and the mount itself is adjustable for optimal position; it’s also removable. The large screen and ability to power on and off the bike from the computer makes this an excellent option for E-Recumbents and E-Trikes.


The SC-E7000 is a low profile computer geared toward mountain biking. It is mounted with a clamp band attached to the handlebar and sits neatly next to the stem. The SC-E8000 is similar, but it’s slightly larger and has a color coded screen: Blue for ECO, Green for TRAIL, and Yellow for BOOST.  This computer is only compatible with E8000 Drive Units, but can be used with any of the assist switches.


Shimano SC-E7000
Shimano STEPS SC-E7000


Each of the STEPS computers have Bluetooth and ant+ technology, so they can easily connect to your E-Tube app or smartphone. If you would rather skip the display altogether and use your smartphone as your computer, you can do so with EW-EN100.

Consult your local Shimano dealer for installation and set-up.