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08 January 2020

Your Top E-Bike Questions Answered

With a full Shimano STEPS team on the road covering dozens of events, there is a common theme of questions we get from riders interested in the evolving e-bike technology. Below are the top 5 most common questions answered.

How long does the battery last; what’s the average distance?

This question is relative to each individual riding the bike, the conditions in which you’re riding, and the level of assistance each rider is using. For example, you could have a 5’4 female weighing 125 pounds versus a 6’0 male weighing 180 pounds. The smaller, lighter rider will always go further than the heavier rider if they are using the same level of assistance throughout their ride. On a perfect day with little wind and relatively flat terrain, the 6’0, 180-pound rider can travel roughly 90 miles if he is using his lowest level of assistance (Eco Mode). If he uses his highest level of assistance (Boost Mode) he will be able to travel a shorter distance, roughly 50 miles. Hills and poor conditions will make this range decrease, so for mountain biking expect a shorter range. 


Shimano Steps Batteries


How much weight does the system add to the bike? 

Our STEPS e8000 system, mostly utilized for e-MTB and off road e-bikes, adds 6.34 pounds for the motor and 5.84 for the battery; totaling 12.18lbs. Our STEPS e6100 system, utilized for city and commuting e-bikes, adds 6.08lbs for the motor, and 5.84 for the battery, totaling 11.92 lbs. When you take the assistance of the motor into account, you’ll realize this additional weight doesn’t affect the feel of the bike when you’re pedaling. 




Where can you ride e-bikes?

Electric bike laws are currently different in each state. However, the bike industry is hard at work in conjunction with People for Bikes to create a unified law throughout all fifty states. Here is a map of where each state currently stands in relation to our efforts.

Shimano Steps Bike
USA Bike map
**Note; this map pertains to vehicle code laws for e-bike use on the road, bikes lanes, and bike paths.

To look into each state in more detail, please visit People for Bikes state breakdown here.

To learn more about where you can ride your e-mountain bike, please visit our blog with details here.


Where can I buy one? 

A lot of traditional bike shops now carry a line of e-bikes in store, with some even carrying demo bikes so you can try before purchasing. Look for the dealer locator on your favorite brands site. Or, visit the STEPS dealer locator for partners who carry our products. To see which of your favorite bike brands sell STEPS equipped e-bikes, visit our partner page here.


Shimano Steps bike


What does an e-bike cost?

This depends on what type of e-bike you’re looking for. A reliable commuter bike with good components from a reputable bike brand begin at roughly $2,399. A hard tail mountain bike with the same criteria begins at roughly $2,999. Finally, a full suspension mountain bike with the same criteria begins at $4,000. Just like traditional bikes, the price of these bikes will go up as the frame materials get better (from aluminum to carbon), and as the components get better (from brakes to group set and beyond). 


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Do you have more e-bike questions you’d like answered? Look at our FAQ page or feel free to send us a direct message on our STEPS Facebook or Instagram