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City and trekking e-bike systems

It might feel a bit strange to hear that our e-bike systems are built to resemble riding a normal bike. But that’s exactly how it is. Thanks to the intuitive pedaling assistant, you will hardly notice that you’re riding an e-bike. On top of that we’ve put a great deal of effort into the design of our e-bike system. And with a satisfying result – our components are more integrated with your favorite bicycle brand than ever. So now you can zoom to your local café or glide through the countryside in style. Ready to energize your ride?

Why choose our SHIMANO STEPS city and trekking e-bike systems?

Unparalleled performance built on proven technology

  • Built on experience
    Built on a century’s worth of innovations, our e-bike system outperforms the competition to serve as undisputed benchmark in the industry.
  • Fully enhanced riding experience  
    Its unique design and features allow you to ride further and more comfortably than ever before. You’ll be inspired to leave your car at home.   
  • Equipped on 130+ brands of bikes
    This guarantees that you’ll find that perfect e-bike to match your body, riding style and personal taste. 

Choose the system that fits your needs

SHIMANO STEPS CITY equipped e-bikes